How to Keep Costs Down as a Wedding Guest

When I get invited to a wedding I instantly feel excited and start to plan things; outfits, transport and if it’s at a location far away we do some research on local hotels. I’ve never really thought about how much it all costs until I saw this interesting article by Experian on the average cost of attending a wedding. I thought I’d share with you a few of the things we spend a lot of money on when it comes to being a guest at a wedding and also a few tips on how you can save a little money without even thinking about it. It’s not just the Bride & Groom that tend to squabble over their wedding in fact almost a quarter of Britons (22%) have argued with their partner about the cost of witnessing others tie the knot… let’s try change that!
Thoughtful Gifts
Gifts do not have to be expensive when you are attending a wedding, some of my favourite gifts that we received at our wedding were actually photographs and handmade items. Think about how you can make your gift unique, whether you’ve been on a trip with the couple before and have some photographs from the trip or even just have some funny jokes that you all share about that time you went to that Italian restaurant. I’m sure you can think of something to make your gift a little more personal and that much more special, memories cost nothing.
Budget Hotels
If you are off to a wedding that’s held in a location far away from you then you will probably need to think about hotels and places to stay, start searching for the best deals and even call the hotel to see if they have any special offers on for that particular time. Sometimes when you book in advance you can get the best deals so start planning as soon as you can, that way you can put a deposit down and pay the bill off bit by bit. Also if there is a large group of you all travelling to the same location then some hotels also do special offers for group bookings so definitely something to consider.
Split the Costs
The survey suggests that weddings can cause further financial friction when it comes to dividing the cost. While nearly eight in 10 (77%) couples always choose to split the cost, almost one in five (17%), foot the entire bill for both to attend the wedding of their own friends and family, while their partner does the same for their nearest and dearest. When Mark and I weren’t married we would split the costs of a lot of things so this can really help when it comes to paying for things, think of things like outfits, food, travel and gifts they are all things you can pay for together don’t feel pressured to pay for everything especially if your partner is a part of the big day too.
What would you say you spend the most on when attending a wedding, any tips on keeping the costs down?
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