Vinnys Room // Reading Area

You may remember I wrote a post on Vinnys updated bedroom a couple of weeks ago when we have it a little bit of an Autumn makeover and I did mention that I was waiting for a piece of furniture to arrive and promised to show you all once it was here. Well today I am able to show you what we were waiting for as it finally arrived and I’m going to tell you why we’ve popped it in Vinnys room, I wanted to create a really nice reading area for Vinny as to be honest we don’t read to him as often as we should so I’m hoping this will encourage us more as parents to read to Vinny more and also encourage Vinny to get his books out and have a read/look too.
Yes you guessed it, it’s a sofa bed! I wanted a piece of furniture for Vinnys room that would last years and be useful too. As you all know we have a 3 bedroom house and our third bedroom is currently used as my beauty room which is a room I’m reluctant to give up just yet, as Vinny gets older I imagine he will have friends round to stay the night and I thought this would be just perfect for when that begins and quite fun too. Boys love anything that’s not the norm so instead of sleeping in a normal bed why not sleep in a fab sofa bed, it will be exciting for them to watch it transform in to a bed from a sofa and I’m sure they will love it!
Previously we didn’t really have an area that Vinny, mummy and daddy could sit when having story time as Vinnys bed would pretty much collapse if we sat on it and well the floor just isn’t that comfortable so having this sofa means we can have more story time as a family, Vinny is loving this extra story time so far and he really enjoys being in his room too he often just goes in his room for some quiet time these days and has a little chill on the sofa.
The sofa bed is called Sibu* and it’s from Habitat, it’s a 3 seater sofa bed and is made of a grey fabric which also includes two stylish cushions, it has chrome sleigh legs and a really stylish sleek design. As you can tell Vinnys room isn’t the biggest and we do have it already packed with furniture; a built in wardrobe, bed, toys, drawers and more and this still fits in well. It’s perfect for those with smaller living spaces and when the sofa is clicked down into a bed it’s super comfortable! I’m really impressed with he quality of this sofa bed and as you can see so is Vinny!
Do you have a reading area in your home or childs room, what do you do to make it the perfect space for you all and how often do you read to your little one? I’d love to know if this is a part of your daily routine and how you incorporate it.

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