Baby Number 2 // Things I plan to do differently this time round

When I was pregnant with Vinny I really had no idea what to expect, I was rarely around younger children when I was younger and I really felt I didn’t quite have that mothers instinct, I did worry that I would have no idea what to do but I trusted that mothers instinct would kick in when baby arrived and it did. Despite that I still had moments when I was a little unsure and this time round there are a few things I’d do differently, or try to anyway. I have recently been thinking about things I would do differently when baby number two arrives and whilst I’m preparing for his arrival so in todays post I’m going to talk you through those things and how I plan to achieve them.
When I had Vinny I was induced due to high blood pressure so I had to go through the painful process of being induced when my body wasn’t completely ready to have him, this felt like such a long process and it wasn’t the nicest to be honest. I had to have three unsuccessful pessaries put in, including one I agreed to by a training midwife and once the final one began to work I had to have my waters broken by the consultant it was all such a long process and come the end of it I had to have a C-Section anyway due to Vinnys position and not progressing quick enough. Although the actual C-Section experience wasn’t a bad one the after pain and recovery was horrible, I remember the day after he was born I could barely stand and I just wasn’t prepared for the wound or pain I would be in. I recovered pretty quick but those first few days were just awful, especially with a newborn baby so this time round I would like to try and have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) as long as my blood pressure stays low and I have no complications I would love to try and go for a natural birth, not to go through the pain exactly but to just have a better and quicker recovery time. If you have been through a VBAC I’d love to know your story good or bad and how you prepared yourself for it.
I will admit after having Vinny I didn’t really try very hard to breastfeed him, mainly due to the fact I was in so much pain after my section I just really couldn’t deal with a hungry baby that wouldn’t latch on so I chose to bottle feed and he was absolutely fine, Vinny enjoyed his bottles and has grown up into a healthy toddler. I did try once to breastfeed and he didn’t latch on but I realise next time round I have to preserver and give it a good try, I may only breast feed for the first few weeks if all goes well and then I plan to express my milk for as long as possible.
I currently have a very fussy and particular toddler on my hands and I blame that on being a little too cautious with him when we were weaning and not giving him enough variety and foods to try, this time round I plan to give baby a number of different foods and textures from the get go. Vinny is currently very fussy with colourful foods he doesn’t recognise, he rarely tries anything new and sticks to what he knows so I’d like to just offer lots of different ¬†foods to the next little one as much as I can and really let him get stuck in and messy if that’s what he wants. I’m going to let him explore foods in a way I never did with Vinny and I hope that eliminates fussy baby number 2!
So those are the three main things I’d like to achieve from this pregnancy and birth, what do you think of these goals and have you been through any of these yourself?

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