Babybond Gender Scan

You may have seen me writing a lot on social media how excited I was for our weekend of shopping and toddler free time, I was very excited about shopping but I was also uber excited for our gender scan at Babybond, Exeter. Mark and I have always wanted to find out the gender of this baby and we even had an early gender scan when pregnant with Vinny, we are just those kind of people that like to get organised and know who it is that’s in my belly I feel like we can really bond with him now and we are so excited to meet him and prepare Vinny for a little brother.

We had booked our scan for Halloween so it’s always going to be the day we remember when we found out baby number 2 was a boy, a fun date to remember it by and a very exciting day for us all. We did a spot of shopping in Exeter beforehand as our appointment wasn’t until 1.40 so I had plenty of time to get some bits I desperately needed to get Vinny some winter clothes so we got that done first and then I went and bought a couple of maternity bits from H&M and JoJo Maman Bebe, I got some lovely jeans and the comfiest pair of maternity pyjama bottoms… my old pyjamas were seriously sung and I just wanted something that would be comfortable for me and bump and they fit like a dream!

The location of Babybond in Exeter is pretty close to the city centre it took about 5-10 minutes to walk to which wasn’t too bad and after using the handy maps app on our phone we were there in a no time. We actually arrived about half an hour early and was greeted by the lovely receptionist, she was very friendly and asked me to read through the forms and sign which I did before being shown through to the tea and coffee room which was actually pretty big and also had toys and a train set for little ones to play which would have been perfect if we had taken Vinny.
As I mentioned we had turned up pretty early but there didn’t seem to be anyone else waiting so the sonographer had called us in a little early, she explained what they like to look for initially and then I got comfy on the bed ready to be scanned. If you’ve had scans before you’ll know how cold and unpleasant the gel is that they squirt onto your belly, I was absolutely delighted to not have the shock of my life like I usually do this gel was already warm and it was actually really nice, I wish they did that at the hospital! We got to see baby straight away and I knew from the start it was a boy I could just tell, the sonographer looked at the babies head, limbs, body, and heart and then we got down to the dangly bits! It was pretty obvious that little one was a boy and I was right, I had actually been studying the nub theory on his 13 week scan and I knew it was a boy from that so I wasn’t shocked but I was just delighted to see a perfect bouncing baby boy on the screen, he didn’t stop moving about which was lovely to see and we got to see some real clear shots of him in 4D which was incredible.

I’d highly recommend a gender scan at Babybond if you are looking to find out the sex of your baby, as I mentioned we previously had a gender scan with Vinny but it was somewhere else that was a little more expensive and to be honest our experience at Babybond was more enjoyable. I love the fact that we got to see baby in 4D and got 3D prints along with some footage of baby moving on a USB stick and also 2D images, it was a really nice relaxing experience, we really felt at ease at the appointment and had a lot of time to look at our baby and watch him move about.
Babybond offer a range of different scans including an early scan, growth scan, gender scan and 4D bonding scan. Prices start from just £39 which is fantastic and there are a number of clinics dotted around the UK so you will definitely find one near you. Our scan was £79 and completely worth it, I can’t wait to see baby boy again I can’t stop looking at his pictures!Here is a short video featuring some clips of baby moving during our scan!

Have you ever had a gender scan, what was your experience like?

*We were provided a discount towards our scan but as always all opinions are my own.


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