Ways I Celebrate Christmas

I thought I’d talk you through a few of the things I like to do on Christmas day in the Prideaux household, since becoming married and having a child things have changed dramatically and as I was saying the other day we have started to create our very own traditions. We put our tree up the other day which was really exciting and I’m now feeling all kinds of Christmassy, Saturday I spent the afternoon wrapping presents. I have spent a few months collecting gifts for friends and family so that it doesn’t feel like we are spending all at once as I usually start panic buying and end up with loads of things  I didn’t need which I don’t think I will actually have to do this year due to being pretty organised, go me! If you are in need of some quick money saving tips for Christmas then check out the TSB Christmas Guide for lots of handy tips and tricks, I’m all about saving some money and TSB have really got it down with this fab count down to Christmas guide.


Social Media Break 
For us bloggers Christmas is a pretty hectic and busy time with many participating in Vlogmas or Blogmas and other creating endless gift guides, I’d definitely say it’s my busiest time of year and come Christmas day I’m absolutely exhausted. I feel that this year I am going to feel that tiredness even more now I am pregnant and have a very active toddler running around so I plan to have a little bit of social media down time, I’m not going to give up social media completely but just coming away from the computer and putting my phone down for a few hours feels like a massive break and a break I really need over the festive season even if it is just for Christmas day.
Family Walk 
Either on Christmas day or Christmas Eve Mark, Vinny and I love to go for a Christmas walk it’s become a bit of a tradition for us now and it’s something I really enjoy doing as a family. I think Vinny will really enjoy it this year even more so because he will be free to run and walk with us where as previous years he has been in a pushchair or baby carrier. I really hope it doesn’t rain this Christmas although I don’t think it will stop us from going out, waterproofs and wellies will be on!
Family Gatherings
Christmas day I invite my mum and dad over to spend Christmas with us and we have the absolute best time but in previous years before Mark and I were married we’d spilt between the two families and often go up to Marks grans in the evening. This year we plan to do the same as the last couple of years and have my mum and dad over, we will also have Marks dad over in the morning for presents and so that he can enjoy some time with Vinny but something we will also do on Boxing day is go to our local rugby club to watch the rugby with Marks side of the family. This always involves festive drinks, talking all things Christmas day and general catching up with lots of family members I can’t wait for this year it will be great to see everyone!
How do you celebrate Christmas, do you like to give yourself a little social media break too?
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