Multi Moisturising

multi moisturising multi masking
multi moisturising multi masking
multi moisturising multi masking
multi moisturising multi masking

We’ve all heard of Multi Masking right? If you haven’t then Multi Masking is basically a customised facial using a number of different face masks at the same time to target different problem areas of the face. Today we are not going to talk Multi Masking instead I’m going to ask, have you ever considered Multi Moisturising? I may seem a little crazy here but when I was going through my skincare regime the other night I realised that I actually do this. Multi Moisturising works the same as Multi Masking, you use different moisturisers to target different areas on the body. Since becoming pregnant I’ve definitely found myself using more body products due to wanting to avoid stretch marks and to keep my skin in tip top condition, so let me talk you through what moisturisers I use, where and why.

The Face: I use many different moisturisers on my face but one I want to highlight today is the one I use when tanning my face, I don’t use a body self tanner on the face as it tends to take a little too well on me so I use a gradual face tanner and my favourite is by Xen-Tan. The Xen-Tan Face Tanner (click to buy) gives an instant colour and works within a few hours, I use this all over the face and down the neck.

The Body: On my arms, décolletage and legs I love to use the Katherine Daniels Nourishing Hydrating Balm (click to buy), In fact I love using this over the whole body when I’m not Multi Moisturising. This is my go-to moisturiser because it leaves my skin feeling super soft and it has a very light delicate scent which I love as I’m not a fan of anything that is too overpowering. There is no sticky residue left when using this balm and the next day my skin feels super soft and energised!

The Bump: This area gets a lot of attention these days as the bump is forever expanding and there are a couple of things I like to use here, Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer (click to buy) and Bio Oil (click to buy). I use one in the morning and one at night just to make sure this area is constantly hydrated and subtle, I managed to avoid getting stretch marks when pregnant with Vinny and I have to admit I used Bio Oil religiously throughout my pregnancy with him so I knew I wanted to use it again this time round but sometimes I just find the oil isn’t enough so combining this daily with the Clarins Stretch Mark Minimiser has been amazing I really love the two products and would highly recommend to anyone that’s pregnant.

The Glow: When I’m not self tanning (which I actually like to do during the day and wash off before bed) I like to use a gradual tanning moisturiser, I tend to use this towards the middle to end of my week when my self tanner is fading just to ensure the tan fades evenly and so I can keep a bit of colour. I won’t always use this over the whole body in fact I used this just on my legs last night because that’s the area that needed more colour so again multi moisturising has taken place and my favourite tanning moisturiser is Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze (click to buy), this is a fantastic product that leaves the skin well hydrated and adds that glow we are all after!

Tell me, am I the only person that Multi Moisturises, or do you do it too?

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