33 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello my lovelies so sorry it’s been a few weeks since my last update, I have been so busy with lots of other blogging and YouTube projects I kind of forgot to update you all on my pregnancy although I do like to have a little moan on Twitter every now and again on how huge I’m feeling so make sure you follow me on there for more of that!

How far along? 33 weeks

Maternity clothes: I have a few new pieces from Vertbaudet ready for the Spring/Summer season. Many of my maternity pieces are black or very dark colours so I thought it was about time I picked up a few lighter pieces since the sunshine has been about and I was feeling a little drab in dark clothes. I got some white over the bump jeans and a couple of fisherman style tops, I think the look is very nautical and I love that look, in the picture below I’m wearing the white and grey top but I do also have it in navy and white which is gorgeous too and they have a slightly looser fit which is nice and comfortable. I think they will work well after baby is here too just to wear as nice slouchy kind of tops with skinny jeans, ah I can’t wait for clothes to be loose on me.


Sleep:  Sleep has been a little on and off the past few weeks but for a couple of reasons, firstly I need to go for a wee so much more often I think that’s because baby boy is getting rather large now and secondly because Vinny keeps coming in our room because he wants a chat or to come in our bed which is something he has never really done until we started letting him into our bed in the mornings on the weekend… we’ve had a couple of nights of no interruptions so hopefully it was just a phase either that or he is getting me ready for baby number two!
Miss anything? My old body and feeling like myself, I feel like a huge massive whale now and I just want to hibernate inside all the time and see no one!
Movement: Movement has reduced slightly but I think that’s down to his size now, he is getting pretty big even though my midwife thinks he will be the same size as Vinny I think he will be much bigger… we shall see.
Food cravings: Junk, junk and more junk my gosh girls I’ve had no control lately and with 7 weeks left I just keep telling myself I will sort out my terrible eating habits once baby is here so I’m going to enjoy it to a certain degree.
Gender: Boy!
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms:  Lots of pains down below, I can almost feel my body getting ready for birth now and it’s rather uncomfortable. When I walk these days it has become quite a struggle to walk any kind of distance and I get so achy very quickly, I also have lots of veins everywhere, my boobs are mahoosive and I’m just generally ready to get this gorgeous boy out so I can cuddle him and get back to myself.
Belly button in or out? Belly button is in, I don’t think it will pop out but belly button ring out.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time? I’m OK I’ve been pretty happy apart from the odd moments I catch myself in the mirror.


Best moment this week: Best moment over the past couple of weeks is probably just spending quality time with Vinny, we’ve been baking, shopping, reading together and just generally been having a nice time enjoying it being the two of us whilst daddy is at work because soon this is going to change and there will be another little Prideaux about!
Looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to London next week although I’m pretty nervous as I’m travelling alone and will be 34 weeks pregnant, I’m going to a Cocoa Brown Tanning and Beauty masterclass by Joyce Bonelli so that’s super exciting although I have nothing to wear yet and I have no idea how I’m going to find the venue but I’m a wing it kind of girl so I’m sure I’ll be fine! I’m also looking forward to having a look at some new cars, we already have a Golf Plus which is a fab car and we’ve always loved Volkswagens. I love the idea of a 4 X 4 I just think they’d be perfect as a family car and perfect for our family adventures so just going to enquire about that over the next couple of weeks to see what we can find even if it’s a VW Touareg Lease that looks amazing… we shall see. I’ve always got something I want to buy and this would be gorgeous, all white and leather interiors a girl can dream right?

How are you all and what are you most looking forward to this week?

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