How to Stay Glam during Pregnancy

how to stay glam during pregnancy

My experience being pregnant with baby number two hasn’t differed much to when I was pregnant with Vinny, I’ve been pretty lucky to not experience many symptoms although these last few weeks growing pains have begun which is a little uncomfortable. I’ve been trying my best to stay looking like myself throughout my pregnancy whether that’s just down to my makeup or the way I dress and many of you lovely people have said I look very glam and still ‘me’ which is so lovely to hear. I’ve had many requests to do a post on how to stay glam during pregnancy so I’ve put together a few things I’ve done to help me and I hope they help you too.

Embrace ‘the glow’
Luckily during pregnancy for most of us our skin is often better, so wear less makeup and use more enhancing products to focus on your favourite features like your eyes or your lips. I have really loved just focusing on my skin during this pregnancy and I’ve been much kinder to it making sure I cleanse and remove my makeup properly each day along with using a bunch of moisturisers, you can read about my moisturising routine here.
Style it out
It’s very easy to go ahead and wear frumpy and very unflattering pregnancy clothes when you find out your pregnant because our bodies change and for some of us it’s very hard to get used to seeing that happen. I’ve done my best to grab a few key maternity pieces for my wardrobe this time round like skinny jeans and some nice tops and to be honest they aren’t too different to what I’d wear if I wasn’t pregnant apart from the huge bump bands! Stay true to your style and add different accessories to really jazz up an outfit, I know it can be hard when all you want to do is wear dark colours and ‘slimming’ clothes so add some fun scarfs or nice jewellery and your good to go.
Spend an extra 5 minutes on the hair  
Looking glam isn’t always going to be effortless so try take a little extra time doing things, whether it’s your makeup or in my case my hair. I’ve spent a little more time making sure my hair looks nice and it really does make a difference with how you feel and present yourself, I’ve got into a little routine of blow drying my hair twice a week and curling it on a Saturday and to be honest it’s been working really well for me and my hair has been loving the extra attention too!
Eat & Drink healthy…. 
I say this with a loose tongue… we all know if we drink more water and eat healthy we are going to feel so much better but when you are pregnant for some of us doing the above can be quite a challenge especially when your not feeling great and just want to eat the whole of the snack aisle in your local Tesco. If I’ve had a naughty week I just aim to be better the next week and that usually helps me, even if I’m drinking an extra glass of water a day or some more fruit it all helps with my energy levels too.
So there you have it, a few of my staying glam secrets during pregnancy. I aim to do a few hospital bag videos soon, one for me, one for baby and a whole dedicated video for my makeup and beauty essentials so keep and eye out on my YouTube channel for these as they will be coming up very soon.
How did you feel during pregnancy, did you embrace the glow?


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