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During my pregnancy there has been one brand that has really stood out for me as a pamper essential and that is Sanctuary Spa, where do I start?! Affordable luxury with a whole range of products to suit different skin types and issues. For me I’ve always used Sanctuary Spa products mainly for pampering with a few of my favourite products being their body butters and shower gels but recently I have delved into some skincare products too which I’d love to talk to you all about today.
sanctuary spa 2016
sanctuary spa skin care 2016
The Sanctuary Skincare range has recently been revamped with a massive 19 new products added to the line up! There are now four different ranges that are there to help you find the skincare solutions that you need, I’m a huge fan of this I think it’s great that the brand have thought about specific needs and brought out products to compliment this.
– The Cleanse Collection is there to assist you with removing your makeup, minimal effort required and perfect for all ages.
– The Radiance Collection as you can imagine is there to help all women refine the texture of their skin and regain that glow to ensure we all look gorgeous and radiant all year round.
– Protect is for those of us that need a little extra help with ageing skin and to keep us looking youthful for longer.
– Reverse is there for the ladies that already struggle with existing signs of ageing and want smoother, firmer-feeling skin.
A great bunch of ranges to suit everyone whether it’s gorgeous glowing skin you are after or if you just need a little boost then there will be a product out there for you.
sanctuary spa wonder oil serum
Some of you may know that I have been struggling lately with dry and dull skin, I have always just stuck to really hydrating moisturisers but still found myself struggling with dry patches on certain areas of my face including my nose and chin area which can be very frustrating when it comes to makeup application and longevity so I thought it was about time I tried some face oils and I’ve been using the Wonder Oil Serum for a few weeks now and have been really enjoying it. This 2 in 1 product is very lightweight on the skin and has a non-greasy formula which is something that really put me off using oils in the first place, so I love the fact that this just sinks into my skin and hydrates from within. It works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost elasticity, and I have to admit it’s really helped with the dry problem areas I’ve been struggling with.
sanctuary spa charcoal cleanser
Whilst upping my pamper game I have been getting super into cleansing and masks, now we have our new bathroom I’m all about having an hour to myself here and there just to indulge in new beauty products, catch up on some YouTube and pop a mask on, my current favourites by Sanctuary Spa are the Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser, Ultimate Cleansing Oil, 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask and Warming Detox Charcoal Wash. It’s hard to narrow it down to an ultimate favourite because I use them all and really enjoy them but being oil obsessed at the moment the Ultimate Cleansing Oil has been my go-to. I love this cleansing oil so much because it’s very gentle on the skin and removes makeup so easily, I even use this on my eyes and for someone with very sensitive eyes this is amazing. It doesn’t sting my eyes at all after rinsing and takes pretty much all of my eye makeup off with one application, pretty amazing huh!
So that was just a round up of a few of my current favourite Sanctuary Spa products… I’m a bit of a hoarder and have a huge collection now but if there is one thing you do this week when you pop into Boots or shop online I’d highly recommend checking out the new range and picking up some bits for yourself to try, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Do you enjoy using Sanctuary Spa products also, I’d love to know your favourite products!
Check out the Sanctuary Spa range here

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