The Kylie Jenner Lip that isn’t by MAC

kryolan matt lipstick
I’ve been rocking the Kylie lip for quite some time now and I have to say it’s my favourite kind of shade to wear, it hasn’t always been and the thought of wearing a 90’s lip colour wasn’t really that appealing to me in the beginning however times have changed and it’s my go to look these days it’s super easy to wear and goes with pretty much every makeup look. As you all know by now MAC Velvet Teddy is my current favourite lipstick and MAC Brave is pretty close too both dark nude shades one more brown and the other more pink these tend to be my handbag essentials but I also recently discovered some other shades I’ve been loving that are pretty similar and also have that 90’s matte Kylie Jenner vibe…
kylie jenner
Let me introduce you to the Kryolan Matt Lipsticks, these are the mattest lipsticks I think I have ever tried that aren’t drying on the lips and have full colour payoff. I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now trying out a few different shades and I have to say I’m really enjoying them, despite them being Matt they actually have quite a creamy texture to them and let me tell you the lasting power is pretty impressive!


There are currently 18 shades to choose from which is great, I have around 6 shades but I wanted to share with you my top 4 today because the other two shades didn’t really suit me or work for me as one was too nude and the other too dark so here we are with my top 4; MAAT, MAIA, CERES and SELENE all very similar shades but all have a slight difference to them, in the images above I’m wearing CERES which is a shade in-between MAC Velvet Teddy and Brave I’d say. I really love to blend some of these shades together to create custom shades and I also love the effect I get when I wear two shades together, each and every one is very pretty and I’d recommend giving them a whirl if you are after a new Matt lip shade.

With regards to pricing they are around the same price as MAC lipsticks so not too bad and in my opinion totally worth it, the packaging isn’t WOW or my favourite but it’s simple enough and I adore the lipsticks themselves.Have you every tried anything from the brand Kryolan? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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