George Asda Soon to be New Parent Olympics

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Over the past 3 weeks Mark and I have been challenged by George Asda in their Soon to be new parent Olympics, we were chosen to go head to head with another couple to see who could put 3 different baby items together in the quickest time. The other couple are first time parents and of course we were the more experienced chosen as we have little Vinny already and another on the way. The items we were asked to put together were; Graco Evo Junior  Baby Group 0+ Car seat, Babyway Travel Cot, and the Britax B-Smart 3 Black Thunder Pushchair. To be honest at first I was a little nervous about assembling and installing everything it has been quite a while since we’ve had to put a car seat in the car and put up a pushchair so I thought it would be a struggle. I didn’t think it would be as simple as it actually was and with the help of Mark and the instruction manuals we managed really well and our times were pretty good if I do say so myself!

Challenge 1: The Car Seat (53 seconds)

For the first challenge we had to install the car seat, it has been such a long time since I put a car seat the car using the seatbelt method and to be honest when Vinny was small I always got Mark to install it as and when I could. I rarely went out alone as I was a little nervous about getting it right and thought it would be quite a stressful ordeal with a newborn but after installing this on my own this time mainly to prove to myself I could do it I actually feel a lot more confident now.

Challenge 2: The Travel Cot (1 minute 42 seconds) 

Challenge two was to put the travel cot together, I actually thought for this challenge I’d let Mark put it together with my direction so I read all of the instructions out step by step and it went very smoothly. I believe we beat the other couple by around a minute which Mark and I were super happy about, secretly we are rather competitive even though we don’t show it too much. The travel cot itself is lovely size and comes with it’s own bag so nice and easy to take away on holidays and also super quick to put up!

Challenge 3: The Pushchair (2 minutes 1 second) 

The final challenge we had to put the Britax B-Smart pushchair together, this was quite a large item to put together but I thought this would be pretty easy as I’ve had quite a few pushchairs and travel systems in my time and have put so many together on my own so I thought it would be a breeze. We still managed a quick time although I didn’t find it as easy as I thought I would so did direct Mark again because 1. he has muscles and 2. my bump was in the way! I was actually really impressed with this pushchair it’s very sturdy and has a lovely large shopping basket, the seat is also a nice size for baby and it can be used from newborn which is ideal!

How do you think you would have got on assembling these items, do you think it’s easier second time round or just as nerve-wracking!?

*Collaboration with George Asda

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