Second Pregnancy Struggles

Pregnancy isn’t always glowing skin and looking fabulous in fact for me I’ve felt pretty much the opposite this time round. I have definitely felt a lot more relaxed though as I kind of knew what to expect and I’ve had lots of the same symptoms I had with Vinny although there are a few things that have differed this time so I thought I’d share my current pregnancy struggles with you all.

Bra Struggle: I don’t know what it is but this time I just can’t find a decent bra to save my life, I have continued to wear my non maternity bras which I am quickly growing out of as the area grows by the day. It doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to find the perfect bra, quite the opposite in fact as I think I’ve bought about 3 or 4 new bras since becoming pregnant and although when I’m in the changing rooms trying them on and think to myself yes they look nice and feel comfortable I then get home to try them on again and feel completely different.. I notice extra bulges in certain areas or feel that my girls just aren’t truly supported so I have just had to stick with a normal bra and a sports type bra over the top just to make myself feel more secure. It’s definitely been harder this time round finding that perfect bra as I’m all about the comfort and I hate my bigger boobs but I still want to feel nice and like ‘me’ too if that makes sense.


Body Struggle We’ve already talked boobs but how about the rest of that body, yes I have struggled this time round getting used to my new look and considering I had been here before I thought I’d be even more relaxed about things but in reality I feel even more pressured to look better than the last time and smaller even though I most definitely am not. I’m much bigger bump wise and I know this for a fact after comparing bump photos, some days I’m OK with this and other days when people ask me how much longer I have then gasp when I tell them, I’m not. I think after having a C Section first time round your body never quite feels or looks the same so I do worry that it will be even worse after this baby arrives but I do hope that I just feel like me again once he is here.


Toddler Struggle To be fair Vinny is a really good toddler, he does have his moments where I think that ‘threenager’ has arrived early but that’s just kids for you and I guess we aren’t all happy 24 hours a day so I guess children can have a little bit of grumpy time too. My struggle mainly has been that Vinny just enjoys being out every day and when I was pregnant with him I didn’t have a toddler to look after so I could just have a chill day here and there when I wanted to, now I have to make plans with him even when I am feeling exhaust or extra tired to keep him occupied otherwise we tend to drive each other a little bonkers. So having that ‘alone’ time pre babies has been something I’ve missed although I have some amazing family around me that love to have Vinny for a few hours here and there which does give me that pamper time I need.

Are you pregnant with baby number two at the moment, what have your struggles been this time round?

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