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Well, well, well here we are at 40 weeks and no baby just yet! It’s been a tough couple of weeks mainly due to being ill and being pregnant has really taken its toll on me. I caught conjunctivitis off Vinny last week, he had it a week or two prior so really thought I had gotten away with it but nope. I had sore swollen eyes in a matter of hours, couldn’t see out of them and felt absolutely rotten. After all these weeks of wishing baby was here it was the first time I hoped I wouldn’t go into labor, luckily it’s pretty much cleared up now and thankfully I feel so much better.

How far along? 40 weeks

Maternity clothes: No new clothes, in fact I’ve stayed in the same outfits for the past couple of weeks and avoided going out as much as possible. I did manage to find some lovely comfortable bras though from Cake Maternity* which you all will know has been a struggle this pregnancy, these are nursing bras so are going to be ideal when little man is here and I’ve been living in them so far. I have three Cake Maternity bras; Rock Candy Seamless Bra, Lemon Zest Flexi-wire nursing sports bra and the Cotton Candy sleep & yoga bra, all uber comfy and the quality is amazing not to mention the fabrics are just so soft!

Sleep: Sleep has been OK apart from when I had conjunctivitis, my gosh I was up every hour wiping and soothing my eyes because every time I woke they were stuck together. It’s really scary to wake up and not be able to open your eyes, really awful! Apart from that I’ve been getting to sleep within a matter of minutes although my husband has been snoring a lot lately so that has woken me up a few times… he did mention that my snoring has increased too! I blame the extra baby weight and being in a deep sleep!!

Miss anything? I just miss feeling like my old self, feeling glam and looking nice. At the moment I just feel like a frumpy elephant and being ill really didn’t help because I couldn’t wear makeup so I just looked horrendous! Thank god for fake tan, that’s the only thing that’s made me feel human this week.

Movement: Movements aren’t crazy although the first evening I got ill baby was moving so much I actually got a little worried, I thought he may be a little distressed and the fact that I was upset was some how passing through to him and it was like he knew something was up. Luckily he calmed down and to be honest movements have just been normal, I’ve had many Braxton hicks and baby has had lots of hiccups!

Food cravings: No new cravings, just eating the whole house everyday even when I feel full. PIG comes to mind.

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs: Nope although lots of Braxton hicks, lightening crotch and lower back pains.

Symptoms: I haven’t had many symptoms apart from lots of Braxton hicks, these seem to get worse in the evenings, if I’ve walked around a lot, or if I’ve done lots around the house. I wish they’d turn into real labor but nothing yet.

Belly button in or out? Belly button is in, I don’t think it will pop out but belly button ring out.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time? I’m feeling pretty grumpy at the moment, I am just really ready to meet the baby now and to get this show on the road.

Best moment this week: Getting over conjunctivitis and being able to see again!

Looking forward to: Having my nails done today, It’s my due date and I don’t see little man coming any time soon so I’m going to have a pamper! I’m also off to see the midwife so hoping for a sweep, maybe that will help baby come along naturally.

How are you all, when do you think little man is going to make his appearance?

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