I recently went through all of my old makeup brushes and had a bit of a clear out, I’m not the best when it comes to looking after my brushes and find the task of cleaning them quite a faff hence why I had to get rid of so many! I now have lots of new and clean brushes I thought it was about time I took care of them and kept them uber clean, mainly for hygiene reasons and also because they are so much nicer and easier to work with when they are clean. In the past I would leave my brushes a few weeks at a time before I’d give them a deep clean, sometimes longer… I know, I know very naughty indeed but now I have a new brush cleaning method and it’s going to make my life so much easier.

When I was in Primark a few weeks ago I spotted a fab little tool which I believe is actually a face cleansing brush which is basically a small rubber pad that has tiny little bristles on it, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment when I saw this and thought it would be perfect for cleaning brushes with. I’ve seen so many of these kinds of brush cleaning pads about sold by various brands such as Sigma and now Real Techniques but I didn’t really want to splash out on anything too pricey until I knew I’d be happy with it so off I went to the counter and would you believe this little beauty cost me just £1.50, what a bargain!

I now use this little ‘cleansing’ pad to spot clean my brushes, as you can see it’s quite small so it works perfectly on eye brushes and so on however I have used it with larger brushes and works really well at just giving them that initial spruce when they aren’t in need of a deep clean. The pad has an attachment so you can put it on like a ring so it’s easy to hold when washing your brushes. What I use to clean the brushes is baby shampoo, I pour a small amount into a dish and add some water to dilute slightly this just makes the solution go a lot further. I dip the brushes into the solution then use a swirling motion on the damp cleansing pad to get rid of any product and residue on the brushes. Once that is done I rinse under the tap with warm water and I’m left with lovely clean brushes, I then leave them to dry at a slight angle. To do this I prop them on a towel so the bristles are tilted downwards slightly to stop any water getting in the handle. If the Ferrel gets wet it often makes the bristles shed and fall out because this is where the glue is to keep the bristles in so best to keep it as dry as possible to ensure your brushes last as long as possible.

So there you have it, my quick and budget friendly spot cleaning brush tips. I’d definitely recommend this little Primark Cleansing pad if you are looking for something to spot clean your brushes with, the bristles are small and soft making it perfect for those spot cleaning jobs our brushes require to stay clean.

Do you have any brush cleaning dupes or tips? I’d love to know how to clean your makeup brushes and how often you do them.

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