You may remember in yesterdays 40 Week pregnancy update post that I mentioned I was off to have my nails done, whilst I was in town I couldn’t resist a little trip to Boots and Superdrug and I picked these up during the 15 minutes before my appointment. I really wanted to have a longer browse but I was in a bit of a rush, felt hot and flustered being so large and heavy right now but despite that I picked up some new bits and also repurchased a couple let me talk you through them all.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Bourjois City Radiance skin protecting foundation which is meant to have a brightening effect whilst evening out the complexion.  I’m all about brightening products and I know I will need all the help I can get when baby boy finally decides to arrive. I went for the shade 03 Light Beige, to be honest there weren’t many shades to choose from which was a little disappointing however this seems to match my skin tone quite well although I do wish it was a little more yellow toned. Do let me know if you’d like an update/review once I’ve had a chance to use it properly and given it a good test.

I then picked up another one of my brow pencils, this is by Soap & Glory and it’s the Brow Archery pencil. I have mentioned this product before and I have to say when I first used it I wasn’t too impressed but after a few months I can now say I’m really happy with it and its a great drugstore brow product. Many seem to compare this to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which I agree it does have very similar packaging but the product itself is a little harder and less pigmented. It’s definitely great for everyday use though hence why I repurchased it, I use the shade Blondeshell which is a perfect taupe shade and blends really well with my natural brow.

Lastly on the beauty front I picked up some false lashes, not that I really needed them but I’ve seen these pre-glued Eylure lashes everywhere at the moment and thought they would be handy when I need to get glam on a minimal timescale. I’m not the best with lashes as it is so having pre-glued lashes sounds great, I have used these in the past probably a year or two ago but these new styles look fab. I opted for 101 which is a full lash that’s short in length but is meant to really open up the eyes. I love that they are reusable too and the lash band itself looks quite short which is ideal because I usually have to cut them down to size and I don’t think I will need to with these.

My last purchase was a random but essential one, I’ve been watching many YouTube videos lately and reading many forums about breast-feeding and as you all may know I’d like to try to breastfeed this time round with baby number two and the one product that comes up all the time is Lansinoh Lanolin cream. This is basically a cream that helps to soothe and protect sore nipples and cracked skin, which by the way really scares me… I’m so worried about getting sore nipples and I’m super sensitive anyway so I hope I get over that stage pretty quick if all goes well. If you’ve breastfed your little ones I’d love to know what helped you and if you have any tips for the pain.

What have you picked up in your local beauty shops lately? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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