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As promised I filmed my labour and delivery video for you guys, I thought it would be nice to film it and also introduce you to the little guy himself. It’s been a wonderful 9 days, I can’t believe Renzo is 9 days old. Time seriously needs to slow down already! Our week has mainly consisted of lots of cuddles, lots of feeding and lots of yawns (from Mark and I) Renzo has been sleeping pretty well during the day but come the night he is wide awake and ready to party, I’ve been breastfeeding this time round which I never got to do with Vinny so it’s a whole new learning experience for me but we are slowly getting the hang of things and I’m really enjoying it and the bond it has given Renzo and I.

As mentioned in my ‘Welcome to the world’ post I managed to get my VBAC and it was the most surreal experience ever, it still feels like it never happened I seriously can’t believe it did and the luck I had. Once you watch the video you will hear why I’m so surprised it happened naturally and hear all about the bumps we had in the road and that’s not just the road on the way to the hospital which by the way was very bumpy and not the best whilst in the middle of a contraction!

I hope you enjoy this video, if you are thinking about having a VBAC I’d highly recommend going for it you can do it! I’d also love to know if you’d like to hear about my breastfeeding journey, if so do let me know so I can get things documented for you.

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