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I think, without a doubt really, it is safe to say that becoming a parent has to be one of the biggest, scariest, most amazing and meaningful things you can go through as a person. It is truly life altering. Although my blog, my Instagram and all the other social media channels I use are totally plastered with me prattling on about my new, beautiful five month old little lady, I actually began my parenting journey a long time ago.

I’ve been a parent for the best part of my adult life in fact and have spent more of my adult years being called “Mum” than not. Crazy eh – I actually graduated University with a baby bump (but let’s not be following in my steps here kids!) Looking back, I know that we became parents far too young really but I wouldn’t change a single second of it. Charlie arrived into the world on 2nd November 2005 and was this amazing, perfect, smooth, chubby-faced little beauty and the second I saw him my whole world shifted. I won’t say it wasn’t difficult at times – it was – and there were days (many a day actually) where I didn’t find time to even get dressed until Daddy walked in from work at 4pm. It was tough, but it was worth it. We’ve had an amazing ten years so far and a lot of the time, because it’s always been just the three of us, a lot of mine and Carl’s firsts as a couple have happened with Charlie in tow too…

-Our first holiday abroad together was spent, not going out until the early hours every night, but blowing up arms bands and sourcing baby appropriate evening entertainment.

-Our first home (a one bedroomed cottage) was adapted and made “baby ready” with Charlie sat at our side, cooing at us as we worked.

-And my first “I passed my driving test” drive was done with Charlie tucked up in the car with me.

He really has been there with us every single step of the way. It was impossible for us not to become a really close family unit – we’ve chosen a family-movie-sofa night over going out on the town many a time let me tell you, simply because we wanted to be together… Just the three of us. Until that is, after many a year of waiting, wanting and dreaming, in October 2015 our beautiful family of three become an amazing family of four. Charlie had asked for this to happen for such a long time (he has always been adamant that he wants to be an Uncle when he is older!) but as we all know, asking and wanting doesn’t always match up to expectations when we actually get. I couldn’t help but worry with how he would adjust and how my whole entire world, the centre of my undivided attention for all of these years would manage with having to share us with somebody else. Would he be able to mange?

It was a massive step, but as it turns out I had nothing to worry about – he managed without faltering at all. From the second he saw Willow it was obvious Charlie was madly in love and even now, five months down the line, he still always finds time to check in on her, just to make sure she is OK – even when he’s on his beloved XBox… (it must be love!) I did have to be wary and a little careful at times though – it is so easy to get swept up in the newness of a baby, and again so easy to be accepting when others do it too, I mean who doesn’t coo over a newborn baby. However to a ten year old boy, hearing it all twenty times every day must have some sort of an effect. Naturally we had a period of the “Do you still love me?” comments and the “You love her more than me don’t you?” questions accompanied with tears and upset but we were ready and had anticipated it would happen. So we made sure we talked, talked and talked some more. We tried to equal out our attention and loving comments as much as possible, and at times threw more towards Charlie, being more enthusiastic and dramatic than usual just so he knew he was still our whole world. Our world had just grown that little bit bigger and that little bit more accommodating. And after a while he seemed to understand and now, well, he doesn’t even mention it anymore. He knows we love him – he hears it so often – and his little sister is so obviously his biggest fan, she lights up the second she spots him and he loves it. He loves her and there is no room left for jealousy or envy – it is amazing really. So, was the transition from being a mum of one to becoming a mum of two a difficult journey?

Well, sleepless nights and breaking in new routines aside, no it wasn’t.

With my amazing, mature, beautiful boy, it was an absolute doddle

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