When I had Vinny I never got to breastfeed him, mainly because I was in alot of pain due to my caesarean and I also think I was just quite young and back then maybe a little embarrassed about breastfeeding. I think I was just worried about breastfeeding in public and it put me off the whole thing to be honest. This time round I really wanted to make the effort to try and breastfeed, I know it’s so good for baby and I wanted to make sure Renzo got all the goodness from it if I could. Luckily I have managed to breastfeed this time round, I’m not sure how long I will continue to breastfeed but I always said to myself I wanted to do it for the first few weeks at least then see how I got on. It’s been two weeks now and I thought I’d share with you a few of the essential items that have helped me with my breastfeeding journey so far.

Lanolin CreamThis has got to be my number one breastfeeding product, if you want to breastfeed then I’d highly recommend popping this in your hospital bag and then keeping it with you at all times so you can use it regularly. I suffered with really sore nipples the first few days, possibly due to the way Renzo was latched but also because I have quite sensitive nipples anyway so this really helped me get over that pain. The lanolin cream helps to soothe sore, cracked nipples and there is no need to take it off before feeding baby which is fab.

WaterBreastfeeding is thirsty work! I have never drank so much water in my life, some of you may know I’m terrible for drinking water but now I’m breastfeeding I’m making sure I am keeping well hydrated at all times. I’m finally putting my Kate Spade Tumblr to good use!

Disposable Nursing PadsI never thought I’d need these but let me tell you, on day 3 or 4 I noticed wet patches on my top and they weren’t just little specks! I use these breast pads to avoid any embarrassment when out and to keep my nursing bras nice and clean, great for leaky boobies and an essential for sure.

Nursing BraOn day 3 my milk came in and my boobs got so large and engorged, they were tender to touch and very heavy so a nursing bra was super important at giving me the support I needed and also made feeding time much quicker and easier. My favourite nursing bra is by Cake Maternity, it’s called the Lemon Zest Flexi-wire nursing sports bra. This was actually a little big for me when I was pregnant but now fits perfectly and it’s so comfortable, I love that it has a flexible wire because it gives me a nice amount of support and has drop down cups for easy feeding.

MamaMoosh ScarfTo tackle my fear of feeding in public I got a MamaMoosh Milkscarf, this has been a little life saver. It’s a scarf that can be doubled up as a nursing cover, the fabric is super soft and breathable for baby and it also comes in a number of different colours. I love the grey one I have, it’s perfect for all seasons and goes with all outfits plus the fact that you can wear it means that you don’t have to take up any unnecessary changing bag space.

Those were just my top 5 essentials, In the coming weeks I know a few other things may come in handy such as an electric breast pump, bottles and even my Tommee Tippee Express and Go kit but for now this is what’s been getting me through my breastfeeding journey and I will continue to use these items for as long as needed.

Did you breastfeed, if so what were your essentials?


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