Renzo 3 Months Old

3 month old baby Can you believe Renzo will be three months old tomorrow, where oh where have those three months gone? I mean, it just feels like yesterday I was uploading my VBAC labour and delivery story. I thought with him turning three months old it would be a nice time to give you all another update. Renzo has become quite the character already and he is changing everyday learning new things, drinking more milk oh and sleeping more and more yay!

We have got him into a nice little routine that is working for us all as a family of four. I can’t actually remember what life was like before. Vinny has adapted so well to becoming a big brother and he has been so helpful. Over the past couple of weeks I have watched Renzo become more and more interested in his big brother and he really looks up to him. Renzo is always watching Vinny and has even given his big brother a few smiles and giggles which is adorable!

I would like time to slow down now although I am also really excited to see what milestones he reaches next. As I’m writing this Renzo just rolled over for the first time from front to back! What a strong little chunk, and a chunk he is weighing 14.7lbs at 11 weeks. His big brother Vinny weighed 12.3lbs at the same age so I can already tell he is going to be a big boy as he grows.

Renzo is starting to wear 3-6 months clothes and I even grabbed a few bags of Vinnys old clothes from the loft today to sort through. I’m so glad I kept Vinnys old clothes I’ve found some right gems in there even some fab Christmas outfits… Am I allowed to say Christmas yet? It is my favourite time of the year!

I filmed a video for you all to talk about how we’ve been getting on the last few months. I’m also talking about our nighttime routine so if you are interested in that then check it out. Renzo pretty much sleeps through the night now hooray!

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