Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project: August 2016

me and mine I’m feeling rather embarrassed because little Renzo is almost 5 months old now and these are our first ever family photos as a family of four! At the end of the month I often see many Me & Mine posts go live and I always say to myself, “we are going to join in next month” and for some reason never do. For that reason I really wanted to share this picture, it’s not perfect but it’s very special because it’s our first as a family of four and to be honest the memories of us taking these photos are super funny. It took about 100 attempts to get us all looking at the camera pulling normal faces and without blurring, no joke. Let’s just say Renzo was rather annoyed come the end as you can probably tell in the pictures, bless!

August has been a pretty hectic month with work, a few days out whilst the sun has been shining and lots of milestones. I’ve been learning to live with my braces, you’ve probably all heard about my journey already. To be honest I’ve gotten on much better than I expected which is really good. I’ve also been trying to get back to feeling myself again by eating a little healthier, getting out the house more and I even got my nails done for a treat. The eating well part went well for a couple of weeks but I do struggle once the weekends come around. September I plan to be good all month…

me and mine Mark has had a super busy month with work, working long hours and even all over the bank holiday weekend which really sucked for him of course and for us. We did manage to go to a fete on Monday afternoon though once Mark had finished work. The sun was shining and Vinny got to enjoy the bouncy castle and made lots of new friends. Vinny also had his face painted for the first time which he was very excited about, he went off with his granddad to have it done and he literally couldn’t wait to show us his green Hulk face once he had it done it was so cute!

Renzo is just, well he is just a little diamond. I honestly can’t believe what a fabulous little baby he is… or not so little if you take a look at his rolls! Renzo has been sleeping super well, I’m starting to learn when he wants and needs a nap and he is also becoming his own little person. Renzo often watches his brother when he is playing and he is so infactuated with him, he doesn’t take his eyes off Vinny for a moment which is adorable.

me and mine In September we have lots to look forward to, we are off to our annual Butlins trip which we can’t wait for. We have been every year since Vinny was born and he loves it, it’s so nice to see how much he has changed each year and also great to see how much he remembers also. We are also off to Cornwall for a weekend at the end of the month too and I’m thinking about vlogging so stay tuned for that. I’d love to know if you’d like to see more family style Vlogs as I think I’d really enjoy making those and they’d be great to look back on. Next month I plan to get more photos as a family of four!

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