Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask Review

ginzing peel off mask ginzing peel off I’m rather partial to a face mask these days. A face mask is something I always opt for when I’m having a little pamper session. I usually grab a clay mask or a cream formula and have never really delved into the Peel-Off mask world, until now that is. When I choose my face mask I want a product that’s going to make my skin feel refreshed, smooth and clear. The new Origins GinZing Peel-Off mask does just that, it helps to lift away stubborn skin cells, and dirt it also targets dullness and uneven textures.

GinZing Peel-Off mask is the first peeling mask I’ve tried and the first copper metallic mask I’ve used too! I was a little unsure on how much product to use, how it would feel and what it would do to my skin at first but after a couple of uses I managed to get the technique down and now I’m a pro!

peel off mask originsYou need to use enough product to cover the skin evenly and I found working on small areas rather than one larger area works best. Note; Don’t apply the mask too close to your eyes or around sensitive areas and keep clear of hairline and eyebrows. After around 10 minutes or so it’s time to remove the mask, wait until it’s fully dry then wrinkle up your nose and find a place to start peeling then peel away. This is the most satisfying part of all! Once peeled I’m usually left with a few little bits of mask on my skin still so I just clean that up using a warm damp cloth.

I will say this is a really fab mask, not for those with sensitive skin though as the peeling may be a little uncomfortable for some. I used it a little too close to my eye area the first time which made it a little sore to peel off as it really does pull at the skin to get rid of those dead skin cells which is good in a way but not great if you are quite sensitive.

energy spray origins This mask would work well as a multi-masking product for sure! My favourite areas too apply this is on the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead area. It really works nicely and I’m really glad I finally got to try a peel-off mask, my skin feels refreshed and smooth afterwards which is always great. I’ve been ending my pamper with the new Origins Energy Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist which creates a nice base ready for makeup application. I love this product, it helps to get rid of any dry patches I have on my skin which is usually around the nose area and it smells gorgeous too. Super refreshing especially during the Summer.

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