The Ordinary Moments: Like Father Like Son

like father like son son smiling

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. I’ve been so busy and I still have 101 jobs to do after I write this so I better get a wriggle on and write this post for you. It’s been a pretty busy weekend, I can’t remember the last weekend we just did nothing. On Saturday we actually had quite a productive yet chilled day which was really nice, the sun was shining for most of the day which was a nice surprise and I even grabbed myself a new dressing gown which I had been wanting for so long. Finding the perfect dressing gown is so hard with all of the choices that are out there, don’t you think?

After some lunch and a scoot around town we decided to go to our local park for a walk. I took some snaps of Mark and Renzo and I just had to share them with you today. If I could tell you just one thing people say when they first see Renzo it’s “My gosh he looks like his daddy doesn’t he?!” yes, yes he does and what ¬†cutie he is. Both of our boys look like their dad, I’d say Vinny has my smile but apart from that they are all daddy and I absolutely love to see that. I can’t wait to see them grow to see how much they change and to see even more similarities to their dad in them, I wonder if they will have similar personalities, likes, and dislikes too.

father son stylecuddles trainers nike air max father sonI popped Renzo in his snowsuit when we went for our park stroll, I just had to squeeze him in it one last time because can you believe he has already grown out of it… it’s 6-9 months. Renzo is 6 months next week and well, he is growing out of everything I can’t keep up! I need to go out and buy him the next size or two up for winter because I fear the things I already have for him aren’t going to fit. I think I shall have another sort through Vinnys old clothes too and store them ready for Renzo as he is already such a chunk.

Oh and Mark is finally out of his summer shorts so I thought I document this moment because I never thought he’d put his jeans on again. What is it with men and being hot all the time, don’t tell me it’s just Mark! Despite it being quite a chilly day Mark was more than warm enough in his new knitwear¬†and Levi jeans. I love this Tommy Hillfiger jumper, it’s understated yet stylish and the jeans look fab too. Mark said the jeans are really comfy, he also said you can really tell when you put on a quality pair of jeans like this because they are instantly comfortable and fit perfectly. I wish I found it so easy to find a good pair of jeans, I’m still looking for mine!

Now I told you about my love for dressing gowns, well Mark has a passion for trainers. Whenever I ask him what he would like for Christmas, his Birthday, Fathers Day and all the rest he always answers with “a new pair of trainers please”. These new trainers are gorgeous, they are Nike Air Max trainers in Platinum from Infinities, I love the grey tone to them and the mesh detailing. Stylish daddy alert!

What have you been up to this weekend? I’ve got a busy evening planned, lots of deadlines to meet next week and of course my motherly duties to attend to, have a fab night guys!

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