Brands I’ve Discovered Lately And Products I’m Loving

kiehls and murad skincareDon’t you just love discovering new products and brands? I’m a creature of habit when it comes to skin care and makeup routines to be honest. On a day-to-day basis I tend to use a lot of the same products but recently I’ve been trying to be a little more adventurous and have been trying some new things. I have been sent quite a few bits over the past few months that have really been floating my boat. These brands are probably going to make you think.. “Liza, seriously you’ve not tried this brand before!?” so let me get started and tell you what’s been making me happy.

kiehls and murad skincareAs I mentioned, when it comes to skincare routines I usually use the same products until I run out but I was recently sent a few products by Murad and Kiehl’s and I have been seriously loving them. I’ve been using the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and it’s been working really well on my skin lately. Overall my skin is pretty good, I don’t get too many breakouts but I do get a few dry patches that just never seem to go. The problem areas for me are around the nose and chin area, no matter what I use I can’t get rid of this which is so frustrating when applying makeup. The Murad cleanser has been working really well to smooth out the texture of my skin, I’ve been using it 2-3 times a week to help get rid of those pesky dry patches. It contains a cocktail of gentle exfoliating acids to help dissolve dead skin cells, it basically poilshes away dullness and gets the skin ready for treatment products which brings me on to my next favourites.

kiehls spot treatment Kiehl’s have recently launched a couple of products aimed at adults with problem skin, that’s right adults get spots too. I don’t get breakouts very often but when I do they can be very sore and very ugly so to minimise those I have been using the Kiehl’s Breakout Control Blemish Treatment Facial Lotion and the Breakout Control Targted Blemish Spot Treatment. These have been working wonders when I have a blemish or major breakout. I don’t use these products daily because they can dry my skin out so I just use them when I have a breakout which is usually around that time of the month, sorry TMI.

kiehls skincareNow because my skin is combination I also suffer with enlarged pores so to help this I’ve also been using the Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate. I apply this before moisturizer and it basically makes my skin look smoother instantly and also gives it a clearer and firmer look too. It’s actually a miracle worker, with a super light formula that sinks into the skin effortlessly. A really fab product! Kiehl’s are killing it for me right now, what a fab brand. How have I never tried it before?!

kiehls haircare skincareOh and finally they don’t just do skincare, I’ve also been loving the Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil Shampoo. Have dry, rather thirsty hair? You need to try this, it’s got Olive Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil and Lemon Oil in it to help restore the healthy look of hair. It definitely gives my hair a nice boost and makes it feel nice and soft after I use it, and it also lathers like a dream. I’ve never used a shampoo that lathers so well, it’s pretty impressive!

So there you have it, two new brand discoveries that I can’t wait to try more of. Do you have any recommendations for Murad or Kiehl’s? I’d love yo hear what you have been using and also if you have discovered any new or old brands recently.

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