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2016 children's Christmas gift guideIt’s our first Christmas as a family of four and I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited. Vinny is at such a great age now where he really understands Christmas and all of the magical moments it brings and it’s Renzos first Christmas so it’s a really special one. Today I’m going to share with you a few things for the boys which I hope will also inspire you if you have a preschooler or a baby to buy for this year.

How adorable is the first image, Vinny is wearing a gorgeous jumper by Rachel Riley, this is the ultimate Christmas jumper. Slightly understated so it’s a really nice one to wear for Autumn time too and it’s super cosy also. Renzo is actually wearing an old Christmas jumper that belonged to Vinny, it’s so funny to see him in it as he is so much bigger than Vinny was at this age. So cute, I hope it still fits him at Christmas.

christmas 2016 kids guide christmas 2016 kids guideI’m going to start with gifts for babies and if it’s your little ones first christmas then this 3-in-1 Sit, Stride & Ride Lion by Fisher Price would be perfect. By christmas time Renzo will probably be pulling himself up and trying to stand so I thought this would be the perfect gift, I remember buying Vinny a baby walker for his first christmas and it was such a great gift for him that he used for quite some time. This toy is great for development as well as the Build-a-Beat Stacker, baby can dance along whilst stacking the fab boogie characters. This includes a light-up stacking base, plus 4 boogie pals to stack. The songs are so fab, I may have had a little go myself!

If you love the look of Build-a-Beat Stacker then you will love the Dance & Move BeatBo, this would make a fab main gift for Christmas. Renzo absolutely loves music, if he is a little grumpy or if his toothie pegs are hurting him we pop some music on and he turns into a different baby. This is a really fab learning toy that has 3 different modes; Dance ’n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along. BeatBo will introduce baby to letters, colours, counting, music, and much more it will even allow mummy or baby to record a phrase, and he’ll remix it into his favourite song, how cool?!

christmas 2016 kids guide christmas 2016 kids guidechristmas 2016 kids guideI’ve also got a few bits for baby that I’m sure parents will appreciate. The Gro Company are a brand I’ve used with Vinny and now Renzo and I have to say they are my favourite when it comes to Gro bags, such great quality and I’m super pleased to let you know that they now have a My First Christmas Range. We have a My First Christmas gift box and also one of their Reindeer Family Gro bags which is so, so cute! I absolutely love the gift box, it contains 1 super soft velour Christmas Reindeer Gro Stocking, a Christmas Twinkle Gro Bib and a Christmas Reindeer Comforter which by the way is super cute! This is the perfect gift if it’s going to be your little ones first christmas or even if you have a friend or relative to buy for with a baby.

christmas 2016 kids guideSkincare is also a really nice gift for little ones, my boys absolutely love bath time and Vinny is also at the age where he is getting that little bit more independent so this set is fab for baby, toddler or preschooler. Weleda have brought out a fab gift set called the Calendula Baby Top to Toe Gift which contains three of their babycare favourites. The eco-friendly drawstring wash bag contains Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75ml, Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash 200ml, Calendula Body Lotion 200ml and a FREE organic cotton flannel for baby’s bath time, so fab.

christmas 2016 kids guideThe gifts don’t stop there. Planning a Christmas Eve Box for your little one? They definitely need the Baby Touch and Feel Christmas book from DK, this is a fab book to help baby explore their senses. It’s a great size for them to be able to hold themselves and it’s just the best way to explore the sparkly world of snowflakes and Santa!

Lastly for baby how about these fab prewalker baby shoes by Bobux. We actually got Vinny pair of these when he was little and they were fab, Bobux have such a fab range of different styles and colours which is great. You can choose from traditional character designs to the stylish vouge collection which is what we opted for and I love them. You need to check out the website, I’m obsessed with the mocassins they are adorable! May be making another order once I’ve written this post…

christmas 2016 kids guide christmas 2016 kids guide christmas 2016 kids guide Onto the Preschooler, Vinny is toy mad… I guess what child isn’t right? The other day I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he basically pointed everything out in the Argos Catalogue! He is car mad, plays with figures alot and is always making up stories and using imaginative play. It’s really cute to see, you may have seen a couple of my Kids Gift videos which have some great ideas for Power Ranger or Super Friends mad children. Today the focus is on Blaze, Vinnys latest obsession and Go Jetters!

For the Blaze fan the Monster Dome Playset would be fab. It has three different layouts that you can create from the one playset. Blaze and Crusher can race side by side or in a T formation with one jumping through loop while the other drives through it. This playset comes with Blaze and Crusher, other vehicles can be bought separately which make great stocking fillers. Both Blaze and Crusher are included in the set and they can also race at the same time!

Now for Go Jetters Fans you need to check out the Go Jetters Jet Pad, a must have for super fans. The Jet Pad opens to reveal the the Go Jetters’ headquarters as seen on the TV series. All your little one needs to do is press the button to activate the theme song, phrases and plenty of sound effects. The Jet Pad Playset seats can fit all four Go Jetters figures, other figures are sold separately which again makes great stocking fillers. Just imagine the excitement when they start with their stocking and move onto this amazing huge gift! All of these are available from Fisher Price.

gift guide 2016 I have a couple of more gifts to share with you, as I mentioned Vinny is car mad. I’ve lost count of how many cars he has but he has many, including remote control cars but he doesn’t have a wall climbing car… yes I said it. Wall climbing! This fab little car has a vacuum suction so it can climb walls, now I think that’s pretty impressive don’t you? I also think the dads will love this gift too.

And last but not least a fab book for the book worms out there, I actually love this book it’s called My Encyclopaedia Of Very Important Things and it’s from DK. I used to love my Encyclopaedia when I was little it was kind of my school bible! This one is aimed at 4-7 year olds and honestly it will keep them busy for hours learning lots of interesting things.

Have you got all of your shopping done yet? I think kids are the definitely best to buy for!

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