The Secret To A Long Lasting Manicure

sally hansen nails You clicked on this because you are probably wondering what the secret is to a long lasting manicure right? First of all let me talk to you about my nail history. I have always taken great pride in my nails, when I was a teen I used to experiment with many different nail designs, colours and patterns. I think it’s really important to take care of your nails because your hands and their appearance can really give your age away so ensuring the nails are looking fabulous have always been important to me. I’m not old now, but these simple and easy tips and trick will definitely help in present time and for the future so let’s get started shall we?

sally hansen The first secret has to be nail care, during the winter months my nails can get super brittle and soft so I always make sure that nail care is first on my list. When growing up I always remember my mum having a bunch of Sally Hansen products in her nail kit, Sally Hansen actually stock over 40 care products which offer solutions for every nail care problem, every manicure and pedicure need. Incredible right? I didn’t even know there could be that many nail issues but there are, and did you know Sally Hansen is actually the #1 nail care brand here in the UK? Check out the Sally Hansen range here.

The nail care I use are cuticle oils, and base coats. I also used nail strengtheners too the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength nail polish is my favourite. As you know I have had acrylics in the past, I usually have these for a little while then take them off to give my nails a breather and my gosh they need it after I’ve had acrylics. My nails are so brittle, soft and bendy after acrylics they need all the help they can get which leads me onto my hero product, this is what I use to give my nails life again.

cuticle reahab sally hansen Cuticle Rehab, this is a game changer guys. Seriously if you have dry, ragged cuticles then this product is for you. This instantly moisturises and softens the cuticles. Cuticle Rehab has been formulated with Jasmine & Rose extracts and Vitamin E, both of these ingredients are known to calm and soothe and that’s exactly what they do. My nails are left looking super shiny and healthy and my cuticles are so soft and subtle, no cracked cuticles here just healthy pretty ones! I pop this in my handbag so I’ve always got it to hand, it smells amazing and you can also apply over polish too.

sally hansen miracle The long lasting manicure secret finishes with care, and when it comes to nail care, Sally Hansen is the nail expert. I use a topcoat, and my trusty Cuticle Rehab to ensure my manicure stays pristine for as long as possible. What nail polish do I use for the perfect manicure you ask? Miracle Gel of course, you may remember me posting about this a few months back now and I still love it just as much as I did then now.

sally hansen top coat Miracle Gel is the next best thing to a salon gel manicure, no light needed to cure and you can apply in just 2 simple steps by popping on a colour of your choice and top coat. My current favourite colours for Winter are 480 Wine Stock, a beautiful black cherry red. 474 Can’t Beat Royalty a must have deep red and 120 Bare Dare because we all need a nude right? Once I’ve picked my perfect shade I then apply a top coat, the Miracle gel top coat (£.9.99) can only be used with Miracle Gel colour (£9.99).

There are 40+ shades to choose from all based on fashion trends. We are all so spoilt for choice! Removal is really easy too, none of this soaking off with tinfoil business, simply remove with the Sally Hansen Remover and Viola! You are ready for nail care and a new colour to apply!

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What are your favourite nail colours for autumn and winter?

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