3 Statement Designer Pieces You Don’t Need To Buy Brand New

save on designer pieces When I first started my blog the desire to have everything that everyone else had from high-end makeup to designer bags grew and grew. I mean I’ve definitely shopped my stash many times but when you constantly see beautiful bags, watches and shoes showcased on Instagram and all of the other social media platforms it’s hard not to lust after it right?

When buying a designer item I always take into consideration the affordability, and if the style would suit me and my needs. Lastly I always ask myself if I really need it. Who’s bought a pair of 6 inch Louboutins that they can barely walk in just to have them sit in a wardrobe years on end? Today I’m going to talk you through three designer pieces that you can save on by buying second-hand and why it’s the best option.


Something I have personal experience of is buying a designer handbag second-hand. This is definitely something worth doing and if you do all the research and buy from the right places you will be in an even better position and save yourself a few quid. I got my bag second-hand from another blogger I knew, a designer fanatic. The bag was in pristine condition and I paid a fraction of the price for it because it was just one of those items that the previous owner didn’t use as much as they thought they would. I have used my LV bag on numerous occasions and I absolutely love it, so happy with the purchase. Some sellers do swap items too so you may not even have to splash any cash!


A watch is another piece I see many buying second-hand these days. Watches can be very expensive and if you have been lusting after a Rolex or even that Chanel you saw in a magazine all those months ago then why not consider buying pre owned watches. What I really love is that most sites will actually mark the item out of 10 and have many images of it so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. If you don’t mind a little scratch or a mark on the watch which most of the time you can barely see then sometimes you can save thousands!

Also make sure that you buy from a site that fully authenticates the item by a watch specialists before advertised. Mark is a huge watch fan and although I don’t think we’d ever splash out on a brand new Rolex I think buying second-hand is definitely something we will consider in future, maybe a gold or diamond wedding anniversary gift idea for him… I will have to start hinting now for one of my own too!


If you are addicted to buying new shoes then don’t buy new. Just search for the perfect pair second-hand, you can grab yourself some vintage designer pieces this way and even grab yourself a bargain. When it comes to buying designer pieces second-hand I find that you save the most money on shoes. I’ve currently got my eyes on a pair of Valentino’s, a blogger favourite I know! I just couldn’t justify buying them brand-new so I’ve been searching online and have found the perfect pair… now to convince Mark to let me have them. They are flats so I’d get lot’s of use out of them right?

There you have it, three designer pieces you can save on today and if you shop smart I bet you can find some real gems that will stay with you forever.

Have you bought designer pieces that were pre owned in the past or do you only buy new?

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