How To Succeed As A Work At Home Mum || 10 Tips From A Blogger Mum

how to succeed work from homeOne of the questions I regularly get when I tell people about my job is “how do you do it all?”. Being a blogger and a mum of two can be quite a handful. With constant emails to tackle, posts to write and videos to film, edit and upload there is definitely a lot to think about. Over the years I have struggled with finding a schedule that works for me but I have finally found the balance and I’m going to share my top ten tips with you today on how to be a boss blogger and ace mum all at the same time!

Nap time is your saviour! Whether you have emails that you need to reply to, or photos that need to be taken nap time will definitely help you achieve a lot. That’s if your child likes to nap!

Evenings… again, kids in bed? Time to work!

Schedule, schedule, schedule! I think I discovered scheduling Tweets and posts in year 2 of my blogging journey and I have to say it saves so much time! I use the Buffer app for scheduling Tweets but there are so many other apps and programmes that can help you do this. I’d recommend looking into what will work best for you and your platforms.

Photograph in bulk. This not only helps me plan for posts but it also makes life easier when you’ve sat down to have an editing session. Get everything done in bulk so the photos are ready for posts that need to be written or posts that are ready to go live or be scheduled. Winter time can be super difficult for photo taking with minimal natural daylight so make sure you find a good time in the day to take photos and take full advantage of it!

Film child friendly videos. This means that you can involve the little ones and don’t have to worry about nap times, making sure they are out-of-the-way or not making too much noise. Having the kids there means that you can be more relaxed, create some good quality content and also have the memories to look back on. Here is an example, a Q&A with my 3 year old!

Daddy’s home! Yep, as soon as daddy get’s home get yourself into the office and write that post you’ve been meaning to do all day. Not all days, naps and quiet time goes to plan so daddy is there to take the little ones off your hands.

Plan ahead. This is partly why I started my bullet journal, so I could be organised and plan my content. Write lists and tick off one job at a time, it’s very satisfying.

Have a schedule. Sometimes laughable but also doable. Schedule a set day to reply to emails in bulk, write blog posts, edit photos and more. If you know what you are doing each day you are most likely to get it done.

Weekends. Another great opportunity to do things. I find this the best time to film vlogs, and usually get Mark to help me take blog photos too!

Overwhelmed? Take some much-needed time off to refresh your mind, body and soul! We are all human and need a break every now and then and when I do this and come back fully motivated and ready to tackle the day again.

Do you have any tips as a work at home mum or blogger? I’d love to hear them, and I hope these helped you if you were struggling.

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