Trying Rodial Makeup And Skincare For the First Time

rodial makeup and skincareI was going to feature this brand in the ‘Brands I’ve Recently Discovered’ post I featured a little while back but I really thought this brand deserved a whole dedicated post because well, why not. I have fallen in love and I think you will to, pure quality and basically perfection! I’ve been dying to try Rodial ever since I saw Kim Kardashians Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic rave about it. Mario is obsessed with the sculpting makeup range which I am yet to try but It’s definitely next on my list. I have been trying out the Airbrush Makeup shade 02, Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder and the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel and I’m not going to lie I did squeal a little when I tried that foundation.

So when you first open the airbrush makeup you assume it’s going to be very heavy on your face because it’s a super thick texture, but trust me this product is fabulous. It’s often compared to the Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer because of the texture and the way it looks and I have been really enjoying it. I don’t use it straight from the pot onto my skin, I like to mix in a couple drops of my facial oil just to dilute the product a little and to make it easier to apply. If you have oily skin then it would be fine to wear on top of your normal moisturiser, it’s not a drying product at all in fact it’s pretty hydrating. You can definitely feel it on your skin but it doesn’t feel heavy if that makes sense. To be honest when I go for more of a full glam look and wear a full cover foundation I can always kind of feel the product on my face anyway.

rodial It has a very dewy finish on the skin and wears all day really well, I do need to buff a little more product around my nose area half way through the day but I’m always touching my nose so that’s to be expected! Overall I’m in love with this and I can’t wait to show you how fab it looks and how easy it is to apply in a makeup tutorial soon, if you love a full coverage foundation then you will love this. I’ve been setting the foundation using the banana powder and this set’s it really well, you can use the banana powder to bake too which is pretty fabulous. It has a very lightweight texture and the powder is finely milled, it also reapplies well and doesn’t leave the skin looking cakey or powdery.

Finally the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel, now this is amazing. I didn’t really think it would impress me as much as it did but honestly I look forward to using this product every day. Firstly because it’s a gel formula it’s really soothing to apply, I really enjoy gel products they just work really well on my skin and feel luxurious to me. This is a revolutionary anti-aging gel that volumises and defines facial contours by plumping sagging skin through stimulating the production of collagen to help skin appear firmer and more lifted.

Some of the key benefits and ingredients are; Collageneer, this increases the synthesis of collagen, ensuring skin appears tighter, firmer and more wrinkle free. Pomegrante Extract to firm and tone the skin by helping boost collagen production and condese cells. Dragon’s Blood (from the Croton Lechleri tree) which reduces inflammation and redness, ideal for stressed or sensitive skin and Commiphora Extract which helps to reduces fine lines, promoting younger looking skin. I can really see a difference in my skin when I use this, it looks more plump, more even and my fine lines have definitely been minimised. Love!

You can watch this video to see how the products apply.

Have you tried anything from Rodial before? Send me your recommendations so I can make my wish list even longer!

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