La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum Review

la mer Revitalizing Hydrating SerumWhen I was 35 weeks pregnant with Renzo you may remember I waddled off to London for a beauty launch event with Cocoa Brown. The event was hosted by Marissa Carter and Joyce Bonelli. Joyce is the Kardashians Makeup Artist and a very close friend of theirs. You are probably wondering what has that got to do with this post? But whilst at the event we got to ask Joyce some beauty questions and one that popped up was “what is your best beauty tip” and she said La Mer.. nothing else just La Mer.

This was the very first time I heard about the brand La Mer and I quickly realised how luxurious it was and why it has been so highly spoken of. Ever since the event I have been itching to get my hands on something. That something was recently placed into my hands and I have never been so delighted with a skin care product. La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum. The serum of all serums, the one and only serum I have been using for over 4 weeks and have fallen in love with.

la mer Revitalizing Hydrating SerumEver just felt like you skin needs that instant boost of hydration and energy? Being a mum I feel this everyday and now I have that every time I use the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum. This serum melts into the skin as you blend it in, it rapidly sinks into the skin leaving you with a gorgeous glow. A radiance that is just like no other. The scent is rather powerful, a kind of metallic scent when first applied but soon softens to a beautiful powdery, floral fragrance. This may be too strong for some but I personally get over the initial scent and really love the fragrance I’m left with.

It’s very soft on the skin and the texture of this mint green serum is super lightweight, not like any other serums I have tried. It has a thin creamy texture. It really perks my skin up. The Lime Tea Concentrate protects against the elements, this is a super powerful antioxidant and it allows the skin to thrive. I have noticed that lines have softened and after application my skin becomes visibly radiant, and youthful. I did wonder if I was just having a few good skin weeks but I have to say my skin has been through a lot, as has my body recently and this serum has still managed to keep me looking human.

la mer Revitalizing Hydrating SerumI apply this twice a day, in the morning onto fresh clean skin and in the evening before bed. I also apply a moisturiser afterwards to help lock in all the goodness and it really has given me the best results. My skin is hydrated, energised and fresh again. This serum is packaged beautifully in a marine glass bottle with silver accents. There is a convenient pump which dispenses a small dose of product to prevent wastage. I use half a pump in the morning and a full pump in the evening, a little goes a long way. It’s honestly heaven in a bottle.

With this being a La Mer product it doesn’t come cheap (£145 per 30ml), I do wish it was a little more affordable so it would be easier to replenish. I have gotten through 1/3 of the bottle now, however I do think it’s worth it and it’s a step I haven’t missed in my routine since I received it.

Have you tried this yet? If not I’d highly recommend getting yourself to a La Mer counter and grabbing a sample before you fall in love and buy.

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