Adults Braces Update and Botox

adult braces after Hey guys I realise I haven’t written an update on my brace journey at all because I have been doing videos over on my YouTube channel. But as we are almost at the end of my treatment I thought it would be a nice time to update you all on my adult brace journey. I am so happy with the results so far and I actually had my top brace removed a few days before Christmas so I only have the bottom brace on now.

I was reading my initial adult braces post earlier and I posted it was way back during my first week of treatment which seems like a lifetime ago now (Go back and read that post, check out the before photos the difference is insane!). I can’t believe how quick my teeth started to move and how quick the whole process went. As mentioned it isn’t quite complete yet but I have a feeling the bottom brace will be coming off at my next appointment in a month or so.

Two of the most common questions I’ve had since getting my braces are; how do you keep them clean and does it hurt. I got asked so much about the cleaning them I did a whole dedicated video on what products I use to keep my braces clean and my teeth as white as possible. If you are getting braces or have them and want to hear more about that you can watch this video here. The other question was about the pain and to be honest it’s been a pretty pain-free process. The only time it was ever sore was probably the first week and after each wire change although the further into the journey I got the less pain it was.

adult braces retainerOverall I’m absolutely delighted with the results and I’m so happy I decided to get adult braces. It’s something I had put off for years and I really wish I had done it sooner. I can’t quite believe the difference when I look back at old photos now, my smile has been transformed. Once my bottom brace is off I will film another video on the removal process and how I’m going to maintain my smile from now on. I do currently have a fixed retainer for my top teeth and a removable one which I wear when I go to bed. I will talk about this in more detail in my future video. I hope this helps anyone looking into adult braces.

I also wanted to mention my Botox treatment because this is also something I get asked about a lot. I have my botox done at i-fab which is the same place I had my braces done. I’ve had the treatment twice there now and the results have been great. I know botox isn’t for everyone but it’s something I have had for years now, once to correct a frown line which is no longer visible and now to maintain that and my forehead wrinkles. The areas I have botox is the forehead, in between my eyes (the frown line I used to hate) and at every other appointment around my eyes. I don’t feel the need to have it around my eyes at each appointment because it doesn’t need to be done as it lasts really well in that area and I’m very happy with the overall results.

Having Botox is actually a pretty quick process. The area is cleaned, marked up and then injected and it’s over in a matter of minutes. I don’t find it very painful at all but some do, I do find it a little more sensitive around the eye area as that is quite a delicate part of the face but apart from that it’s fine. I have botox every 3-4 months and even at this point it doesn’t desperately need doing. I have left it longer in the past and can easily just have it a couple of times a year so it’s not a huge up keep and the results are the best. My makeup goes on so much smoother, I feel much happier when I’m makeup free and I look and feel more youthful. If you are thinking about having botox then definitely do your research on who you’d like to do it for you, see if you can check out their previous work and have a chat with them to see what they can do for you.

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Do let me know if you have any questions and if you’d like to watch the rest of my brace journey videos you can watch them here. 

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