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clarins hydra essential baby clappingSchool run, home, cosy pub lunch by the fire, back to school, walk in the park with the boys, back into the car and home again… This is a regular thing  for a mum of two. Maybe not a pub lunch daily but you get the gist. I’m in and out of the house all of the time and my poor skin is exposed to so many temperature changes constantly, also known as thermic shocks. Think about the impact on your skin when you leave your super warm home first thing in the morning to the freezing cold temperatures of the school run. Or that chilled brisk walk to the park quickly followed by a hot chocolate in a nearby toasty cafe to warm up.

Due to my busy daily schedule my skin has really suffered lately, complete dehydration. I partly blame this on the fact that I’m very naughty and don’t drink as much water as I should but also because of the constant thermic shocks I’m faced with. Water, as you know is essential for your skin’s beauty.

clarins hydra essential I was recently asked by Clarins if I wanted to try their new Hydra-Essentiel range, I quickly read about the benefits I couldn’t wait to give it a go. As you all know I adore the Hydra-Quench range so Hydra-Essentiel sounded perfect for me. The Hydra-Essentiel range helps the skin regain its natural capacity to retain water, I know just what I needed right?!

clarins hydra essential clarins hydra essential I started my new regime with the Bi-phase Serum, and I can tell you now I have not been left disappointed. This serum is the perfect match for my normal to combination skin leaving it feeling plump and super soft. It smooths out my skin beautifully. I have been applying it each morning onto clean skin and in the evening onto my freshly cleansed face. I find that it creates a lovely base for makeup also ensuring it applies smoothly and effortlessly which is what I need when I’m in a rush in the morning whilst I get ready in between getting the boys ready too.

clarins hydra essential clarins hydra essentialIt turns out that using this serum along with the Cooling gel was all I needed to get my skin back to normal, with an extra sparkle of radiance. I was instantly drawn to the Hydra-Essentiel Cooling gel. I’m a sucker for cooling products, I love my skin to feel fresh and awake especially after a night full of interruptions from a teething baby. Anything to make me feel alive again and this does just that along with some other fabulous extras. After applying this gel I’m left with radiant, hydrated skin which has a slightly matte finish making it the perfect base too. I love to just pop a little bit of bronzer on top and a slick of gloss and I’m good to go on my busy morning full of adventures!

clarins hydra essential But wait… there is a secret ingredient I must tell you about. OK it’s not so secret now but let me tell you more. The Organic Leaf of Life. This is a major ingredient in both products and this extract helps your skin to retain moisture, all day. It’s a succulent plant that manages to remain full of water despite being exposed to sudden temperature changes… sounds like me right? OK not the remaining full of water part but since using these products they have definitely helped my skin to hold on to all that precious moisture. What a result!

Prices & Full Product List From The Hydra-Essentiel Range:

Everyone’s skin has different needs and some climates require special types of skin care. So don’t worry if the gel isn’t something that would work for you. Here is a full list of products from the range. 4 textures and 1 spectacular serum offering a tailor-made freshness and comfort.

Is your skin in desperate need of hydration? I’d highly recommend the Hydra-Essentiel range from Clarins, available now.

This post is in collaboration with Clarins, for the launch of their new Hydra-Essentiel range.

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