5 Ways: To Look Fresh Faced All Day

Bourjois rouge laque lipsticks Something I get asked a lot is “How do you find the time to do your makeup and look so fresh all the time”. As you guys know it’s not all plain sailing when you have children and it usually takes me quite some time to get ready in the morning. Especially with both boys around, Vinny my 4-year-old and Renzo my very inquisitive 11 month old. I do make the time to put some makeup on to make me feel human again, not only because I want to look nice but also because I love makeup and I enjoy wearing it. Let me talk you through some steps I take to ensure I look fresh-faced all day long, with minimal effort.

stay fresh long lasting 6am Wakeup call, the boys are up!

Every morning I make sure I clean my skin and follow a quick and simple skincare routine. I use products that are easy to use and make my skin feel great. I start by cleansing my skin, I then pop on a serum and a moisturiser. This instantly makes me feel refreshed.


After myself and the boys are fed it’s time to apply some makeup. I have a pretty speedy makeup routine. I usually opt for a cc cream or light foundation to even out my complexion, add a touch of concealer to the dark circles and blemishes then pop on a highlighter for that fresh faced look. The final part of the look is lipstick of course and I have been really enjoying the new Bourjois Rouge Laque lipsticks.

lipsticks The Bourjois Rouge Laque lipstick range consists of 8 great shades, some neutral perfect for day time and some beautifully bold shades ideal for adding that pop of colour to your evening look. They are all very wearable colours and what I love the most is the formula. This is a seriously long-lasting lipstick that feels so lightweight on the lips you almost forget you have it on.

You can actually wear these a couple of ways, as a stain; so apply then gently blot away or tap your lips with your fingertips to reduce the shine and leave your lips with a fab flush of colour. Or swipe over the lips and leave for a full shine and intense colour effect. Once the lipstick wears off you are left with an even stain on the lips which I really like, the colour lasts up to 16 hours which is incredible right? I usually pop on a balm throughout the day which instantly refreshes the colour. Genius!


Midday I usually need to top up my makeup, I powder any oily areas to instantly freshen up. Often add another spritz of my favourite perfume and this makes me feel and look refreshed again. Sometimes If my hair is up I will take it down and restyle or put it up again. I don’t know why but my hair often looks a little crazy in the middle of the day and I never notice until I catch myself in the mirror in horror that I’ve been walking around with a huge loop of hair sticking out at the top of my head.


I’m a middle of the day shower kind of girl, I like to have a shower in the afternoon. Just before I have to start making dinner and also before Mark comes home. I don’t know why but I always like to look more put together when the husband comes home. Fresh faced and like I’ve not had a stressful day with two children, one tugging on my leg everywhere I go and the other following me around asking me to plug the iPad back in. My makeup always looks great still but it’s just that nice feeling after a shower that makes everything better again that I love.


Time for makeup removal, once I start the boys bedtime routine I like to remove my makeup and get my pyjamas on. I love, love, love cleaning all of my makeup off in the evening and getting into a fresh set of pyjamas. There is nothing better and something I look forward to all day. Makeup removal is also crucial when it comes to keeping my skin clear, in the past many years ago I was quite naughty and makeup removal wasn’t a huge priority for me. Gross I know. But now, it’s a step I never miss and my skin has never looked or felt better.

Bourjois rouge laque lipsticks
Off out?

It’s rare but sometimes we do manage to plan a date night. When this happens I like to switch up my lip colour and opt for a red. I avoid putting on any more makeup, I usually just refresh my look with a pop of lippy which helps to brighten the face and make me feel glam. The Rouge Laque lipsticks do just that and last all night long.

How does your day go when it comes to keeping your makeup looking great? Do you have a routine or products you like to stick to? 

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