Butlins Just For Tots Break & New Style Chalets

butlins chaletsHello my loves, I hope you are all well? If you follow me on social media then you will know we’ve just come back from our annual trip to Butlins. We’ve been visiting Butlins for a few years now, I think Vinny was about 18 months when we went on our first trip, we’ve gone every year since. This time we went on a Just For Tots break which is my favourite time to take the kids as there is just so much to do.

butlins chaletsbutlins chaletbutlins minehead buttons new minehead butlins We stayed in the new Lakeside Chalets, this is new for us as we usually stay in the Gold Apartments which are also very nice. The chalets however are on another level of luxury. I’m not going to lie, when we first considered coming to Butlins I did turn my nose up at the idea, I really didn’t think it would be somewhere I’d enjoy and I’m rather particular when it comes to accommodation and cleanliness. I will admit I was wrong to judge it before visiting because it’s such a lovely place. We visit the Minehead resort as it’s very close to where we live and it’s great.

butlins Something else which was new for us on this trip was the dining plan. Previously we had just bought our own food and dined in the different restaurants and food stands on resort but this time we were put on a premium dining plan, I will be doing this again in the future as I was so impressed. The dining plan allows you to have breakfast and dinner in The Yacht Club or The Deck. We actually ate in The Deck everyday and everything we tried was delicious, there was a great variety of foods for all tastes.

From pancakes and fry-ups in the morning to flame grilled meats and pasta in the evenings. The desserts were also super delicious… I may have treated myself to a couple each evening! A girl can live right?! The staff were very helpful and friendly and the restaurant itself was very clean and tidy. You also have unlimited refills on soft drinks, tea and coffee plus there is a children’s buffet and Ella’s Kitchen pouches available for little ones.

butlins minehead butlins mineheadbutlins mineheadThere is so much to do when you visit Butlins. One of the things Vinny looks forward to the most is swimming at Splash Waterworld, it’s really lovely because during Tots Week the pool is very calm. We also love to watch live shows, we watched Mister Maker during this trip and it was great this was our second time watching him as we managed to catch a show last time we visited on a Just For Tots Break. It’s lovely how they get the children and parents involved creating a fun and engaging atmosphere.

When you arrive you get a handy Where and When? Guide, this shows you what’s on during your trip and where each activity is. There is also an age guide on there so you can see if the activity would be suitable for your child. From Arts & Crafts to Evening Entertainment, there is something for everyone.

buttons just for tots butlinsbutlins reading areaWe noticed this year that there was a bit of work going on at Minehead resort. They have moved the softplay area from the Skyline Pavilion to the Tots Fairground area which I thought was quite a shame as it now seems a little smaller and there is a smaller seating area for adults. We did love the addition of the new Little Library though, it was a lovely area to take the boys for some quiet time. As you can image they are pretty hyper all day so having somewhere a little more chilled to relax for a while was really nice, for us adults to take a break too.

Overall we had a wonderful stay at Butlins, I have to say the staff really made our trip. They always went above and beyond to make sure we were having the best time and everyone was so friendly. I’d highly recommend Butlins if you have little ones, it’s a great place to take them to create lots of amazing memories.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do let me know if you’ve been to Butlins before and what your thoughts were. If you haven’t been before and are considering a trip then check out their fab seaside locations there are three to choose from; Minehead, Skegness and Bognor Regis. There are always lots of deals on and many fab offers to, definitely sign ip to the website so that you can receive all of the best deals. I often receive great email and postal offers.

If you’d like to see a vlog of our trip last year you can watch it here.

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