hairHello my loves. It’s been a little while since we spoke hair, I’ve been brunette, I’ve been blonde and I’ve been all of the shades in-between, even lilac! But today I want to talk about my current dilemma, do I go for a full head of bleach at my next hair appointment or not?

Back when I first started my blog I was the blondest I have ever been, I say blonde…. it was rather yellow! And this is where my struggle begins, now I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure I used to have a full head tint and then a full head of bleached foils which is where I think it went a little wrong. The tint just couldn’t lift my natural hair colour enough resulting in the slight canary vibe. At the time I loved it, but looking back it was just too much along with my extra orange tan…. You can just imagine right?

The look I’m after these days is still very blonde, but not yellow. I love the more editorial blondes, not brassy. The issue with my hair is that it’s very dark naturally, both of my parents have dark hair and although I was a blonde as a child It’s just gradually gotten darker and darker.

I’m at the point now where it’s very light and it’s a good shade of blonde. I did have more of a balayage technique used on my hair the last couple of times but I always say “blonder, blonder!” each time I go. My hairdresser did say to me, if you want to go blonder the next step would be to use bleach on the roots. Then I had a flashback of that yellow head of hair I had many years ago, I questioned if it would go that yellow again but I don’t think it will.

I do have a few worries, will it look too much? Will my hair be strong enough? Since having the kids it’s definitely weakened and as I get older it has got thinner. But I do love that look, and Selina my hairdresser did say we could just try it next time and if I didn’t like it then it would be easy to go back to foils at the following appointment. It would be a much quicker hair appointment if I were to go for the bleach option but then it wouldn’t look as natural and I do love the natural look of it at the moment. Ah what to do?

Shall I go for it, just for the Summer?

We shall see, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your experiences if you’ve been through similar hair issues and if you currently have a full head of bleach what would you say the pros and cons are?

If you’d like to see my hair journey so far you can watch these videos, I have filmed the process of going from dark blonde to the shade it is now. Watch here. Also please subscribe if you haven’t already, I’m almost at 20k! Thanks lovelies.

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