house moveDid you know we are currently buying our next family home? It’s been a long journey to get to this point and I’m so glad it’s all happening now. The end is near and a new chapter is about to begin. About 6 weeks ago we put an offer in for our dream family home, it was accepted and here we are today with around 5 weeks to go until our move date. I did get a little anxious about sharing this news because you never know what could happen however whatever happens we are here to share our journey and hopefully all will go well and we will be in by the end of June.


So why are we moving? We bought this house in 2013 as a family of 3. We renovated our kitchen/family room just a couple of years ago and we completely made over the bathroom just last year but this has all been a process for the next chapter. When buying our current home we never really thought we’d move so soon, we had plans for the house and we made it happen but when I fell pregnant with Renzo I realised this space just wasn’t big enough for our family anymore and although it’s a lovely home there are just a few things we wish we had and we didn’t.


Our new home has 4 bedrooms, a study and a garage. It ticked all of the boxes, I needed a space where I could work and I also wanted a flat garden for the boys. Don’t get me wrong we have a lot of work to do but Mark and I love a project. I’ve had three new kitchens so far, this will be the fourth and the most exciting one we design. I have so many ideas for each and every room which is why I want to create “THE HOME EDIT”. This is going to be a series where I share ideas, plans and of course the before and afters.

I want to take you on this journey with us. The first plan is to paint the whole house, then we are onto the bathrooms. The bedrooms don’t need much work at all, the fourth bedroom is the one I’m most excited about as this will become my beauty/dressing room. Basically a walk in wardrobe, I’m so excited. The office is another space I can’t wait to do. The biggest job will be done last and that is the kitchen/family room which is currently a separate kitchen and dining room. We have walls to knock down, walls to put up and a lot of work ahead of us and I can’t wait for this design adventure!

Who’s excited for “THE HOME EDIT”? I will also be doing videos throughout this process so make sure you are subscribed!  

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