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Hey guys, hope you are well? Today I want to talk sleeping bags, not the camping type but the baby type of course. We started using sleeping bags when Renzo was probably a couple of months old, I have just found them to be absolutely ideal and I really wanted him to get used to one from a young age. I’ve tried a few brands of sleeping bags and my latest favourite is by Antipodes Merino. 

What’s so special about the Merino Sleep Bag? You are probably wondering. Well, I’m glad you asked because I’m going to talk you through it right now. OK so most sleep bags are made from synthetic fleece or flannel but this one is made from one of natures best thermo-regulating fibres, merino wool. This wool is not itchy, in fact it’s very comfortable to wear against even super sensitive skin, it’s natural and free of harsh chemicals, and is hypoallergenic.

One thing I instantly noticed was that this is a very lightweight sleeping bag. I wondered how it would keep Renzo warm because it is very thin however the fabric is where the magic is. Merino wool traps air between its fibres and creates a pocket of warm insulating air. And when it is warm outside, those same fibres naturally reduces sweat and moisture and expel heat. This is how the sleep bag regulates baby’s temperature when they are unable to themselves. Clever right?! Renzo usually just wears a long sleeve vest with his sleep bag but I just tend to layer up when it’s cool and layer down when it is warm. As simple as that.

This sleep bag is designed to fit from 3-24 months so it is very long and there is plenty of room for baby to grow. I did wonder how it would work for a baby so small and a child so big at the same time but the bag has extra reinforced shoulder and underarm snaps. Ensuring that it’s the perfect fit.

I have washed this already as Renzo was sick not long after we got it and it washes really well. You can also tumble dry it or line dry, I chose to tumble dry and it has come out lovely and soft and there was no shrinkage. For someone who shrinks almost everything I was delighted with this! I did notice there was a bit of pilling but that is a natural process for this type of fibre and completely normal for merino. Antipodes Merino advise to wash it with a coarser fabric (like jeans). The fabric will become softer over time, as those shorter fibres are sheered off.

Overall I’m really happy with the sleep bag. Renzo sleeps like a dream and he is always the perfect temperature when he wakes up. Never too hot, or too cold.

There are currently three colours available; Aqua, Blue (the one we have) and Pink. Check them out here.

Have you tried a Merino Sleep Bag before?

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