st tropez tanning sheet mask review

st tropez tanning sheet mask reviewIt’s no secret, I love to tan. I have tried so many tanning products and the first tan I ever used was by St. Tropez, I remember it very well. It was prom season, my cousin and I wanted to look extra bronzed for all of the parties coming up so off we went for our first ever spray tan. Safe to say we were very tanned especially as it was our first time using any type of tanning product, I do remember a group of guys calling us oompa loompas straight after our spray tans which we loved. At that time when new to the tanning game the darker the better, which meant the more orange you were the better the tan was! I’ve learnt a lot since… Ever since that first spray tan I’ve been using all sorts of lotions and potions to keep my skin beautifully bronzed, I feel like I’m quite the expert now.

I can definitely achieve a streak free tan these days, no dodgy lines or white bits apart from the occasional white patch on my back when Mark isn’t around to help. However when it comes to face tanning I’ve had a little more trouble with getting the colour just right. I do have a pretty good routine now and I do have a number of products I rely on to get the perfect tan on my face but I won’t lie, it has been a journey.

st tropez tanning sheet mask reviewA few weeks ago I received a rather unique product in the mail. Something I did screw my face up to when I saw it. I screwed it up because I was a little confused. What was it? Well it was a brand new, one of a kind product by St.Tropez, a Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask. A tanning sheet mask? That’s crazy! I did think, what a bizarre product. How would it work? Is it messy? I was intrigued but I must admit I did pop it in my drawer and forgot about it for a little while. Until one evening when I was planning a little pamper. I grabbed some of my favourite pamper products then came across this sheet mask again and thought, why not! I’ll give it a try.

I love to apply a face mask when having a pamper, usually it’s a cream product although I have tried a few sheet masks and I have to say this was actually rather pleasant. The mask contains Hyaluronic Acid which is known to improve skin hydration, texture and tone. The three things that I definitely need to improve, so that was an instant tick for me. The hydration is said to last quite sometime and you are also meant to be left a radiant glow instantly whilst the tan then develops after 8 hours.

st tropez sheet mask reviewWhen I got the mask out of the packaging I noticed there was A LOT of product on the mask, it was quite slippy and serum-like. The mask was quite large, it did fit well but I would say the eye holes were a little off for me. I had to position it so it didn’t completely cover my brows although that was unavoidable towards the beginning of my brows. Apart from that it fitted well, I do wish the mask came down a little onto the neck just to continue the glow down the neck a bit more evenly.

st tropez tanning sheet mask reviewThere is a guideline with how long you should leave the mask on for to control the deepness of the tan; Leave for 5 minutes for a natural light glow, 10 minutes for a natural medium tan and 15 minutes for a natural deep tan. Once the time is up you just need to remove the mask and work the product into the skin, focussing around the eyes and hairline to avoid any white patches. I brought any other residue down the neck to blend too.

Tip: Make sure you wash your hands straight after you apply the mask. I did wash my hands but whilst I was getting the mask out of the packaging I did miss my thumbs and the tan later developed…

I of course left it for 15 minutes and wow I couldn’t quite believe how deep the tan was after 8 hours. I did wonder how it would work, and if it would go dark but I wasn’t quite expecting it to be that deep. Even Mark said to me when he got home “you look brown”. Don’t get me wrong I was actually very impressed with the colour, I just didn’t expect it. I have used many face tanners and usually they are barely there, and very subtle but this gave me a real glow. Remember for a lighter tan you can wear the mask for a shorter timeframe, I just like to be extra tanned at all times.

The tan did grab onto my brow hairs slightly but that is due to the mask shape and the eye holes. Next time I will pop on some moisturiser to that area as a barrier. I say next time because there are two masks included in the pack. This pack costs £15 for two sheet masks. A little steep, however for a pampering treat I would definitely use again. The mask was very cooling on the skin and that sensation lasted a go 5-10 minutes after the mask was removed which I really liked. Very refreshing.

I was pleasantly surprised by this sheet mask, I did think it was a little gimmicky but after using it I have to say I rather enjoyed it. And the end results were good,

You can buy St. Tropez Self Tan Express Sheet Mask individually here for £8 or in a pack of 2 here for £15. If you give it a try let me know how you get on, and if you’ve tried it already how did your experience go?

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