travel beauty hacks Off on your holidays soon, or maybe you have a weekend away planned? Either way these space-saving beauty hacks will come in useful whether you are travelling or moving home like I did recently.

1. Don’t have a makeup brush case?

No worries, I’m sure you have spare glasses case somewhere. This is the perfect size to pop your essential brushes in and keeps them all together to prevent losing any.

2. Worried about powder products breaking?

Place a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before you put it in your makeup bag. TIP: If something does break simply put everything back into the container and crush the whole thing up. Once that’s done add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and let it soak in. Then rub with your finger or smooth over with a spoon to create an even smooth surface again. 

save broken powder products

3. Glass items?

Put glass bottles such as perfumes inside socks to protect them from breaking.

beauty hack

4. Containers

Use travel pots or even a clean contact case to store liquid products such as foundations and concealers. You won’t need to take the full-sized products if it’s a short trip and it will save so much space.

5. Multi-Use items

Take multi-use products to minimise the amount of makeup and brushes you need to pack. Example: Bronzers are also great to use as eyeshadows, Coconut Oil is great for the hair, skin and nails. List your favourite multi-use products below!

travel beauty hacks

6. Pick just one

Pick one eyeshadow palette that can create multiple looks. Also try to make sure this also has a shade that’s good for your brows so you can use that instead of taking extra brow products.

7. Buy Minis!

Take minis where possible. I love buying miniature products, they make me happy! They also come in very useful when travelling or even when moving home. I packed a small travel bag when we moved to ensure I had all of my essentials in one place.

travel beauty hacks

8. Recycle

Use an old Tic Tac box to store all of your hair pins. Genius right?!

9. Make the most of what you have!

Running out of your favourite foundation and your just about to go on holiday? No worries, mix it in with a moisturizer to create your personalised tinted moisturizer. A much nicer base when you’re abroad.

10. Perfect Lashes Every Time

Take just one pair of false lashes on your trip and Re-use them whilst your away. To clean the glue residue off of false lashes use a brow brush and rubbing alcohol. Gently run the brush through the falsies to pull the old glue away without ruining the shape of them. This will also save you money, get yourself another cocktail instead. You deserve it!

Got any space-saving or beauty hacks to share? Let us know!

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