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Travelling with kids can be rather stressful. I think that’s part of the reason we haven’t travelled much since having children to be honest. It always fills me with a little bit of dread because I worry about how they will cope being in a different environment and how they will react. Each time we have travelled on our UK breaks we’ve always been absolutely fine and I think that’s majorly down to planning. Today I’m going to share with you my top tips for travelling with children, stress free!

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Although I’m not the most organised person I like to make sure I start packing well in advance of our trip. I know I’m not the only one guilty of last-minute packing? But when you have little people to pack for too last-minute packing the morning of your holiday isn’t the best idea and you will most definitely forget something so get started asap!


Make sure you take enough as under packing isn’t good either. An extra pair of shorts, t-shirts and underwear is always essential with kids. We all know how messy they can get and when you are on holiday you want to make sure they enjoy every moment, even if it means getting their whole outfit dirty.┬áSo let them splash about in those muddy puddles, after all you’ve packed extras so you can worry about cleaning it all later.

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We are routine people. Not everyone is and it’s not always easy to do when you’re not in your usual environment but try to keep some elements of the routine you have at home to make bedtime as easy as possible. It may be that your little one always has a bath before bed, or you read him a story. Take some books and home comforts to make that nighttime routine much easier whilst away.

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Feeling stressed no matter how organised you’ve been? Children screaming, you’ve forgotten a bunch of things and you just need to take a moment? Keep some Rescue products Rescue products in your bag to help calm yourself. Whenever I’ve used Rescue products and looked back on the situation it’s always been much calmer and more relaxed. I seem to think about things in a more relaxed way and gather my thoughts much more positively.

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I always pop some Rescue Plus Lozenges in my bag because they are super convenient and they taste great too, I love the Orange and Elderflower flavour. When I’ve run out of those depending on how stressful my day has been I keep the drops in my bag too. These are very easy to use and just takes everything down a notch when I’m feeling extra anxious or stressed.

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Rescue Remedy is available in Boots or at There is a huge range to choose from including the original droppers and sprays, to liquid melts and pastilles. There is something for everyone and every need.


If all else fails bring the iPad or┬ásomething that will distract the kids whilst your on that long journey. You know what your children like so make sure it’s something that will keep their mind off things. For example I know Vinny would be happy watching a movie on the iPad or playing games but that wouldn’t work for Renzo. Renzo would be happy with some snacks and my car keys, anything that rattles and makes noise so I ensure we have some fun toys for him and lot’s of snacks for them both!

How do you keep your kids entertained whilst travelling to avoid the stress?

This post is in collaboration with Rescue Remedy. I hope you found these tips useful.

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