bondi sands tan eraserSuper speedy review for you today because I actually only tried this product yesterday after buying it in town. I really felt I needed to speak about it as soon as possible. So let’s go! Here’s a review of the NEW Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser.

First of all, this sounds like a dream doesn’t it? I’m a weekly tanner and although I would class myself as an experienced tanner I still have the odd disaster, and patchy tan. Especially when I use darker tans which I have been doing more of this Summer. After looking at my reptile looking skin this week I knew it would be the best time to try this stuff so off to Boots I went. It was actually on offer for £9.99 which was great, usual price is £14.99.

tan eraserBondi Sands advise using this on 3-4 day old tan, this is when its most effective. My tan had been on for around 4 days so it was perfect timing and there was quite the build up. The eraser is a mousse so you just pump the foam applicator and apply to dry skin. You need to apply this liberally and leave it on for around 5 minutes, then wash off with a damp cloth.

I started by applying this to my legs and I instantly noticed a tingle, not a nice refreshing tingle but a slightly irritating feel which did alarm me a little as my skin isn’t usually sensitive. Also the smell isn’t pleasant, it’s very chemical. Almost like diluted bleach! Or shampoo. I did worry but continued to use it and I must admit I didn’t get the tingly feeling everywhere but after the 5 minutes was up I was ready to get it off. I did get a red, and quite sore patch near my armpit which was alarming and it did sting quite a lot so I rinsed that area first with cool water as it wasn’t an area I was willing to scrub.

tan eraser I then washed the rest off using an exfoliating mitt, I did have quite a build up so thought this would work better than a cloth. It did take the tan off, really well and much easier than usual so I was very impressed. It is a bit of a faff having to leave it on for the 5 minutes but it’s not a lifetime, I can live with that. The only worry was the smell and the slight reaction I got. It was only a small reaction but I do want to warn those with sensitive skin to do a patch test before you slather it on all over your body.

It is the best product I’ve used for removing tan and will continue to use it. I’m going to keep an eye on the small reactions though and see if my skin gets used to the product. It’s definitely great for those stubborn areas such as elbows, knees, hands and ankles. The tan eraser really does create the best blank canvas for a flawless tan application. If you’d like to see my tanning routine using Bondi Sands you can watch this video here.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this product before! Will you be buying it?

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