moving homeSo you’ve bought a new home, you’ve exchanged and your about to complete which means it’s almost MOVING DAY! Here are my top tips for a stress free house move, I say stress free. It’s not the easiest thing to do especially when you have kids but here are a few things that helped us move and things I’d definitely do and use if we had to do it again.


Mark and I have moved home 4 times now, this was our fourth and final move for quite some time and over the years we have learnt quite a few things and have made quite a few mistakes. One of which was making the decision to move house on our own, no removals just a hire van…. this is absolutely fine when you are child free but when you have children this is the most stressful thing in the world. So this time we hired a removals company to do all of the hard work for us which actually meant less packing and less stress. The company came a couple of weeks before our move and brought us lot’s of packing essentials; boxes, tape, bubble wrap and paper for fragile items. This was really great and made life so much easier.


The weeks leading up to your move start decluttering. This is actually a mistake we made which ended up making the packing process much longer so please learn from our mistakes and start doing this well in advance. You don’t realise how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all. I had so many things I didn’t anymore so ended up giving loads away to charity, I also had a lot of rubbish that just needed to go in the bin… we could have filled a skip so if you think you may have a lot of stuff too then maybe think about hiring a skip before the move.


moving tipsLabel each box, or add stickers to your furniture to ensure it get’s put in the right place when you get into your new home. Also when taking furniture apart you will be left with a lot of screws and bits so pop them in a clear bag and attach the bag to the furniture it came from. This will make assembling them again much quicker knowing where to find all of the nuts and bolts.


You never really know what time you are going to be able to get into your new home so make sure you pack an overnight or weekend bag. Put all of your essentials in the bag such as toiletries, spare clothes and nightwear so you don’t have to rummage through 20 boxes the evening of your move. You will be super tired and that’s the last thing you will want to do. This was really helpful for us, and made putting the kids to bed much easier in the evening.

It’s also a great idea to pack a mini tool bag. There will be a lot of furniture that needs to be put back together ASAP so make sure you have those tools nearby rather than having to look for them, that could take a while.


moving stress The week before you move can be a hectic one. The day is even crazier so prepare yourself and make sue you have some Rescue products to hand. You may feel like you’re at tipping point, take a moment and use Rescue remedy or pop a lozenge in your mouth and feel the stress instantly fade away. These will instantly calm you, make you feel more at ease and ready to seize the big MOVING day! Get stocked up now, Rescue Remedy is available in Boots stores or at

Finally, enjoy it! I actually filmed our moving day because I wanted to remember the chaos and have those memories for the boys to look back on. It’s definitely a very hectic experience but also super exciting at the same time! If you are moving soon, good luck and make sure you check out the rest of my Home Edit posts for lots of tips and advice.

The post was in collaboration with Rescue Remedy. All tips opinions, and experiences are my own.

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