amble strollerOver the past few weeks I’ve happily been putting the Amble stroller through its paces. School runs, trips to town and walks to the park. You name it, this stroller has been there. You all know I adore my Stokke Xplory however for short trips it’s much easier to have a fold down stroller, something lightweight and easy to use so I opted for the Mothercare Amble stroller.


When the box arrived I couldn’t believe how small it was, I did wonder how everything would fit inside but it did and I was super impressed. Assembly was very quick, I’m not one to wait around for my husband when something like this arrives. I quickly got it out of the box and assembled straight away so Renzo could enjoy a test run around the house! The overall look of the stroller looked gorgeous, very much like the Bugaboo Bee I thought and the seat looked really comfortable and large.

mothercare amble


I absolutely love how lightweight this stroller is. It may seem much lighter because I’m used to my Stokke Xplory which weighs over 17kg. The Amble weighs 8.2kg and it’s very easy to lift and carry when folded, there’s even a carry handle which is ideal. It’s also free-standing when folded which makes storing it very easy. The Amble is very easy to manoeuvre with one hand and super smooth so if your like me and are constantly on the phone for business calls or answering emails then you can easily do that on the go whilst on the school run.

amble mothercareThe canopy is also a feature I really like, it covers Renzo really well and is quite large meaning that the sun rarely gets in his eyes whenever it does decide to shine. The material is very soft and stretchy. We opted for the Teal colour but there is also the colour Sand available from Mothercare which is also gorgeous. The raincover is cleverly hidden in a zipped compartment underneath the seat. I really love this because it’s so easy to store, find and it’s also easy to put on too.  There is minimal faffing when putting this on. It’s husband proof!


Although I adore this stroller there is one thing that slightly lets it down for me. It’s a minor detail but it can be a little frustrating. There is a reclining backrest which is amazing however it doesn’t quite go as upright as I’d like. Renzo is often trying to lean forward a little more so he can see what’s going on and the backrest is just a little too reclined which means Renzo often get’s a little frustrated if he is in the mood to be a little nosey. It does recline flat which is great for a sleeping position, Renzo often naps when we are out and about so having this feature is really good.

amble The shopping basket is also a great size, which it fantastic because a lot of strollers I’ve had in the past have had minimal storage. The only negative is that it’s quite hard to access because of the seat position, you do need to put things in it with a plan in place rather than just shoving the bags underneath. That being said you can get quite a lot in it, just nothing too bulky.


I would definitely recommend the Amble Stroller if you are looking for something foolproof to use. It’s very easy to assemble and it’s very sturdy. Just make sure you read the “What to look out for” part of this post to really make sure it’s right for you, if those factors wouldn’t bother you then I’d 100% tell you to give it a whirl. It’s a great looking stroller and it’s also very versatile. It’s £169.00 to buy which may seem pricey for a stroller but it can also be used from birth with a Group 0+ carseat up until approximately 15kg. I think this is a great price for something so versatile.

If you’re looking for a stroller that is lightweight, stylish and easy to use then I’d definitely recommend popping into your local Mothercare to give it a try. Is this something you’re considering? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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