liza prideaux Recently I have taken a bit of a step back from blogging and YouTube, in fact my whole online world. Although I have still been posting regularly I have just been making a few changes to make things a little less stressful. I’m the kind of person that aims to please, I often take on too much because I hate to disappoint but that often leaves me feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

I have been feeling much better lately and I’ve only made a few simple changes to help the way I feel about work and family life. After the move I really didn’t know how I’d get back on track, the house is still upside down and that really “stresses me out” the term I seem to say a lot to Mark, he now  laughs at me whenever I say it and it’s become a little joke between us. I usually get in a bit of a tizzy about things very quickly but I’ve come to realise there really is no point in getting so worked up.

Everything always works out in the end, jobs get done, the kids are happy and the house is clean.
I’m not going to lie it is a challenge juggling work, family and life but I have to remember it’s not just me. Everyone is out there working, having their daily struggles and still getting on with it. So how have I taken a step back? What have I actually done to change the way I feel?

stress freeFirst of all, I have been making an effort to take weekends off. I rarely schedule tweets promoting posts on the weekend, I try to have less tech time and more family times. Making memories and getting stuff done around the house such as the washing, cleaning and organising. Things that all sound pretty boring right? But it really get’s me motivated for the week ahead and there really is no better feeling than sitting down at the end of a busy day in a clean and tidy house. There is also something else I’ve been trying to work out, a balance. A balance between getting all of that done and still having time to enjoy the day with the boys and to make memories.

This has actually been really easy for us because it’s the simple things that the boys really enjoy. Like being out in the garden, playing and “helping” daddy do the gardening. This weekend daddy spruced up the garden whilst the boys played, admittedly I was watching from the window whilst doing the washing and tidying up but I did make time to go out and enjoy the sunshine with them. We went out, enjoyed lunch together and it was all very lovely. I really felt at peace come Sunday evening, usually I get a bit of the Sunday blues but recently it’s just been a lot nicer.

rescue remedyAnd finally, when everything just gets that little bit too much I use Rescue products. I discovered Rescue Remedy many years ago now. My mum actually suggested I use it before my final driving test…. yes I had more than one. And Rescue actually helped me get through the test and I finally managed to pass. I used the Rescue Remedy drops, popped a few drops onto my tongue before my test and off I went. I remember feeling so much calmer, and that memory will always stay with me. So when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed I always keep some rescue products to hand to help give me a positive outlook when I need that little bit of comfort and reassurance. If you feel you ned some extra comfort then you can purchase Rescue Remedy from your local Boots store or at boots.co.uk.

Well this turned out to be a bit of a story time and life update didn’t it? I hope you are all having a lovely week so far. Let me know what you have planned this weekend, I’d love to know.

The post was in collaboration with Rescue Remedy. All tips opinions, and experiences are my own.

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