hive bulbWhen moving into our new home we knew we had a little project on our hands. I say little, we are redecorating every room. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms plus refurnishing pretty much every room….. This could get very expensive! We knew when moving we wanted to make this the perfect family home, thinking about every little detail from lighting to those final finishing touches.

If you’ve moved home with kids then you will probably know that for the easiest life it’s important to make things as simple, affordable and reliable as possible when making these big changes. And Hive Home knows how to make life a little easier with all of its amazing app-controlled devices. These help people do more of what they love, and less of what they don’t. Sounds good right?

hiveWe recently had Hive Home Installed into our home, in fact it was one of the first things we did. It was all very quick and easy to install, a British Gas engineer was booked in. He came, we were able to carry on with our day and within just a few hours it was all up and running and ready to use. As simple as that, after just a minute or so to download the app and a little look through it I quickly learnt that everything could be adjusted from the click of a finger and a scroll down the screen. Literally we can now adjust everything from lighting to heating.


We have the Hive Active Heating, Active Light, Motion Sensor and the Window and Door Sensor. Also included when we had everything set up is the Hive Hub which connects everything together and allows you to adjust each product remotely with the Hive app from wherever you are. Pretty cool right?

home hiveI’m not going to lie, being able to adjust the heating from my phone is bliss. On our previous set up everything just looked super confusing so I always left it well alone and let Mark sort out our heating schedule. That meant that on days when it was a little bit more chilly I couldn’t adjust that myself, now I can using the Hive app and it’s great.

hive reviewhive reviewEven Vinny loves to get involved and always insists on having his bedroom light a different colour each night, this is something you can control with the colour changing bulbs. Literally so many colours to choose from, Mark will usually read Vinny a book under the perfect lit mood lighting… usually blue or green! Then Vinny taps his little finger on the app to turn it off when it’s bedtime. It’s very fun for him.

hive sensorThe window and door sensors are also great. Our bathroom light switch is oddly positioned behind the door which makes it a little harder to find in the middle of the night so we now use the door sensor. On the app you can set actions for each of your devices so for this we have set up an action to make both the door sensor and the light bulb to work together. Once the door opens the light comes on so no need to find switches in the pitch black and no more bumping into walls! Hoorah.

hive sensore closedI’m really happy that we’ve had Hive Home installed. We are off on our holidays in October, and although we would usually get our parents to pop round and make sure the house is all ok, we can now control the lights in the house so it looks like we are home in the evenings. We can also use the app to put the heating on before we come home. No doubt we will be very chilly after a week away in the sun, so it will be lovely coming back to a lovely warm house. Such a great security feature and it really makes me feel a little more at ease leaving our brand new home.

If you have been thinking about getting Hive I’d really recommend it, there isn’t a day that it goes unused in our house.

This post was sponsored by Hive Home, and all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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