annie sloan antoinette We’ve been in our new home for about 5 weeks now and although it feels like we haven’t done much we have been planning some major changes. I thought I’d give you a little update and tell you what’s been going on and what’s happening next because it’s all I can think about at the moment. OK so the first thing we did when we moved in was paint the bedrooms. I say “we” Mark said he would do all of the painting but after doing the base coat in our very dark bedroom he agreed that we should get someone in to do the job instead.

Fast forward a few weeks and all of the bedrooms are painted, and so is my office. Picking the colours was harder than I thought It would be. I didn’t want to just go for my usual white everything look but I wanted to keep things pretty neutral so we opted for Dulux Polished Pebble in the master bedroom and my dressing room. We then opted for Dulux Egyptian Cotton in the boy’s room and I’m so happy with how they turned out. Really gorgeous neutrals.

annie sloan paint antoinette My office. I wanted to do something completely out of my comfort zone in here and add some colour. I wanted it to be girly yet chic and I think I picked the perfect colour, it’s called Antoinette and it’s by Annie Sloan. A gorgeous warm pink that adds a real touch of class to my office. I can’t wait to furnish this space and really make it my own. I can’t finish this room yet as it’s going to turn into a temporary kitchen for a while which brings me to the next topic…

The kitchen. This is a huge job, we will be knocking down walls, putting walls up and replacing the whole kitchen and flooring. This is due to start the week Vinny starts school in September so as you can imagine it’s going to be a rather hectic month. The bathroom renovations are also starting at the same time, I’m mad right? I don’t know what I’m going to do when it comes to nap times and routines but we will have to just work something out somehow. It will all be worth it and the plans we have for the spaces are just “inserts heart eyes emoji. Gorgeous.

pink wallsOh and some other things are happening in September. Our shutters are being installed in the bedrooms, living room and study. And we are having our fireplace replaced also, I actually need to call up and pay for that today. Thanks for reminding me! We are having a custom fireplace made, not a cost I really thought about when moving into this house but one that is going to be a beautiful focal point in our living room.

Have you tried renovating more than one room at the same time before? Tell me your stories!

P.S. I’ve filmed a “House Update” video on my channel which goes into a little more detail so if you fancy watching that you can click here or watch the video below.

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