cleaning Something I get asked a lot is “How do you keep your home so clean with two boys?”. I have to admit I do love to have a clean home. I’m much more relaxed than my mum though, doesn’t everyone’s mum seem to be the cleaning queen? Mine is. I have picked up some great habits from her though and I do have a bit of a routine that I like to stick to. It works for us and everything is pretty simple too so if you want to hear my top cleaning tips then just keep reading.

cleaning with kidsI’ve been using Seventh Generation products over the past few weeks in preparation for this post collaboration. They say if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it! Which I really love and I’ve been trying to make more of a conscious effort over the past few years to use more child friendly cleaning products and this brand does just that.

I hadn’t actually heard of Seventh Generation until a few months ago when I saw it in my local Tesco whilst checking out the cleaning aisle. I could be in that aisle for hours! Seventh Generation has been around for over 25 years but it’s only recently come over to the UK and is now available to buy from Tesco. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed using the products. Why? You ask. Well they are extremely powerful which is something I didn’t expect with them being an eco-friendly brand, I thought they’d maybe increase my cleaning time. They haven’t, in fact they make things much easier.

I didn’t think they’d be as good as my usual picks but they actually are. The products are also safe around the boys which is a relief, I do keep all cleaning products away from the boys but as you can imagine with a curious baby on the loose and a pre schooler that is also very inquisitive it’s very important to me that anything around the house is safe for them to be around.

Here are my top tips for a clean house when you have minimal time and children to run around after!

1 Minute Trick- I actually heard about this tip whilst watching a cleaning hacks video on YouTube, this is one of my favourite channels. Anyone else love watching those? My husband thinks I’m mad. Anyway the lady said if it takes less that a minute to put away then do it straight away and that has always stuck in mind ever since. So instead of leaving the fresh washing on the bed I put it straight away. After all, no one else is going to do it!

seventh generation Get The Kids Involved- I often challenge Vinny to see who can tidy up the toys first, him or Renzo. He always loves to play and he actually finds it super fun so whilst I’m cleaning the windows or dusting he is tidying up the toys. Once those are away I grab the hoover and give the rooms a quick clean. Either way, once those toys are away cleaning is so much quicker.

seventh generation Don’t Just Leave It- After you’ve done the cooking or finished with your meal get that washing up done straight away. I can’t stand dishes in the sink so I tend to get them washed up as soon as I can. It’s much quicker this way because the food won’t dry up on the plate and be a nightmare to clean, instead it will wash away easily with hot soapy water. The Seventh Generation Natural Washing Up Liquid is great, it really lathers which I love. Lot’s of bubbles and clean dishes! I’m going to pick up the Lavender version when I’m next in Tesco because although I love the fact that these products are scent free I also love the smell of Lavender.

seventh generationMore Laundry- Do more laundry you say? Yes, that’s right. If you do smaller loads it won’t feel so overwhelming and you won’t dread doing the ironing afterwards. We actually use a tumble dryer which has a minimal crease setting so I often get to leave the ironing. But I do find that when I do more washing I feel much more organised. We’ve been using the Seventh Generation Concentrated washing liquid and it’s been great. The boys do have quite sensitive skin so I have to be careful with the products I use when washing their clothes but this has been really good.

Those were my top tips. I have many more to share which I think I will do once our new kitchen has been installed. Maybe I will do some cleaning videos myself.

I’m going to pop a Twitter competition up today so if you fancy winning some of my favourite Seventh Generation products then head on over and enter. Good Luck! Sponsored by Seventh generation. 

So what are your top tips for a clean house? I’d love to hear them!

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