If you follow me on social media you will know that we’ve just got back from a trip to Disney world which included a lot of eating. We ate in three different places each day which for most is very exciting but as a parent it did fill me with a dread a little. I’m a creature of habit, I like to stick to routines and usually those routines include nap times and eating food at home. We rarely go out for food mainly because it can be so stressful with the two kids but I’ve told myself that during the holidays, days out and beyond them I want to be brave and visit more restaurants and cafes.

Many of these places aren’t very child friendly so to ensure we have the most relaxed, stress free time whilst dining I’m going to use these fab eating out hacks. If you are a little like me and struggle or worry to go out for food with the kids then try these hacks out too! I hope they help.

eating out with kidsTriangular Crayons – In your restaurant pack you want to take a travel sized colouring book and some triangular crayons. Why triangular you’re wondering? Usually the ones that restaurants supply always roll off the table so to avoid having to pick those up during your meal grab some triangular ones. These won’t roll, however if you have a baby like mine they may get thrown onto the floor. *Rolls eyes

Eat Early – Taking tired children anywhere is a nightmare right? So avoid taking them for food when they are in need of a nap. Try going midafternoon, after your little one has had a snooze. This is an important one for us because we still like to stick to an evening routine so we like to make sure we are home in time for our usual bath and bedtime plans.

lenovo kidsTablets – The one thing I know will keep the kids quiet whilst we are out is our Lenovo Tablet, we have the Tab 4 Series and it’s so good. Vinny has his own kids account set up and we also use the kids pack too which comes with a shock-resistant bumper, a blue-light filter, and a pair of colourful stickers. The kids account is great because it’s just for kids, featuring built-in kids content such as videos, and games. We love to take turns and play the games as a family. But what I also love is that I can schedule down time or resting times so your child isn’t constantly on the tablet. It’s nice to have time to talk too but I’m not going to lie, we all get a little competitive when it comes to the donut game!

Travel Games – I used to love these as a kid. You can usually pick these up from your local garage or toy shop. Travel games are great because they are small and easy to pack. I love using these whilst we are waiting to order or once we’ve ordered food. Perfect for older children and siblings to play with.

lenovo tab 8 Guess what’s missing – Decided to go for a meal last minute and forgot your entertainment essentials?  Arrange all of the condiments, menus, salt and pepper shakers and so on in the middle of the table. Ask your kids to look closely at the objects, then close their eyes. Take one object away and have them guess what’s missing. It’s a great game and really gets them thinking!

Promise a reward – If all else fails promise a little treat at the end of the meal. Promise your little ones a reward for being good in the restaurant. This usually works with Vinny, if he knows he will be getting a treat he always perks up and behaves that little bit better. It can be as simple as having a desert after dinner or staying up late on the weekend.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, I’d love to hear yours!

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This post is sponsored by Lenovo, but all thoughts and tips are my own.

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