I’m quite basic when it comes to styling my hair, it’s either straight, natural or I go for waves which is my favourite and my go-to when I want to feel a little bit sassy. I’ve done a few demos on how I curl my hair and I recently did one on my Instagram stories showing you how I add waves using my Cloudnine wide irons. You all seemed to love it.

PUFF ME Something I have struggled with in the past is adding volume to my hair. I’m not a huge fan of backcombing because my hair is quite coarse and pretty dry so I find backcombing can make it a little fragile and brittle. Recently I was asked if I wanted to try a new hair product called Puff Me from Sally Beauty, one of the UK’s largest beauty retailers with stores nationwide. This is the 1st volumising powder spray in a pump. I was intrigued and wondered how it would work. Just check out that before photo below, flat lifeless hair. This is how my hair always looks after curling and zero backcombing/products.

BEFORE PUFF ME I gave Puff Me a try and I have to say I was impressed. Firstly it’s very easy to use, you simply spray 2-4 inches away from your hair focussing on the roots and style. I just massage my hands into the root area and the area instantly has volume. It’s like magic! I even did an Instagram story giving a little demo using it and everyone was so surprised with the instant, fuss free results. How does it feel? You can feel that you have product in your hair but it’s not sticky in any way and for all of the volume it adds I’m definitely going to continue to use it. Even when my hair is straight it can be a little too slippy and smooth to style into an updo but after a few pumps of this and I’m good to go!

PUFF ME If you are looking for something to instantly add volume or need to add some texture to your hair for styling then this is definitely something you should try. It’s perfect for normal to thick hair and there is no scent, no mess plus you get instant results. Sally Beauty sells to both consumers and professional customers, including hair stylists and hair, nail and skin salon owners. Every Sally store carries hundreds of professional salon products for hair, nails and skin, plus the latest in beauty trends and accessories. Check them out!

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