project literacy Friday 8th September was International Literacy Day, you may have seen me tweet about it but I just wanted to follow up with a blog post to raise awareness and give a voice to the millions of adults around the world who are facing the daily challenges of illiteracy.

As you know Vinny recently started school and he’s been coming home telling me about all of the letters he’s been learning which is absolutely fantastic. We want to help him to learn as much as possible so we’ve been going over those letters during the week and over the weekend to keep them fresh in his memory. He is very much like me when it comes to learning, he is a visual learner and loves to act out the sounds which I think is fantastic. He isn’t old enough to be able to read yet but we read to him every evening to help encourage him and he really enjoys story time.

Did you almost 1 billion adults worldwide, do not have basic reading and writing skills? They are unable to read a medicine label, follow a recipe, apply for a job, or read a book to their children. Which means their children in turn are less likely to be literate – creating a vicious cycle that moves from generation to generation.

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On International Literacy Day a very special book was released. Wanda a mother of two, and a pupil in one of the literacy programmes, used to use the images in her children’s books to ‘read’ them a bedtime story… entirely from her imagination. Wanda Steward was one of these people also didn’t have basic reading and writing skills, but she has spent the last year learning to read and write for the first time. And on International Literacy Day she released her reimagined version of a classic book Chicken Little which Wanda has rewritten to include the character who used to be only a part of her imagination: The Little Chicken Named Pong-Pong.

This book is available to download for free to celebrate the life changing journey to literacy for brave adults everywhere and raise awareness of the huge job still to be done. Download the book here. 

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