tanya burr selfie story review

tanya burr selfie story tanya burr selfie story review

When it comes to my makeup I’m all about the base, brows and lashes. I also love to wear liquid liner and it’s something I kind of have to do to feel Me. So when I received the new Tanya Burr Selfie Story collection you can imagine I was rather excited. This collection includes three brow pencils, a liquid eyeliner and a mascara. All of which have lovely packaging, very sleek and high-end looking but with a high street price, we all love that right?!


selfie sculpt tanya burrThe brow pencil, Selfie Sculpt comes in three shades. Fair, Medium and Dark. I have been using the shade Medium and it’s a great shade for me, I did worry it would be a little dark but it actually works really well on my brows. I also think Fair would be great for me too so I will probably give that a try when I run out of this because I really like the pencil itself and the fact that it comes with a spoolie. I usually use high-end brow pencils like this, Benefits Goof Proof pencil being one of my favourites and I’ve found it very hard to find a drugstore dupe until now…

I really love the straight edge this pencil has, it makes carving out my brow shape very quick and easy. It also makes filling the brows a dream. You can also angle the pencil to use the tip of it which makes it very easy to create fine hair-like strokes. It’s nicely pigmented, long-lasting and gives a really natural, polished finish.


selfie lash I was a tiny bit disappointed when I opened up Selfie Flick because of the applicator. I’m used to using pen type liners, I just find them much easier to apply and I think they are perfect for beginners and for those with limited time in the mornings. Being a mum of two means I have next to no time to do my makeup in the mornings.

Selfie Flick has a brush type applicator, it’s quite a long, thin brush so you really need to take your time to get a nice precise line. I think I did pretty well considering, but it did take me a little longer than usual. Personally I think this will just take me a little more practice before I get the perfect cat flick down but the formula itself is fab. Very black and does not budge once set, a long-lasting liquid liner which would be great for those that like this type of applicator.


tanya burrNow this I really like, I don’t have very good lashes at all so I find it quite difficult to find mascaras that add volume and length with ease. I don’t really like to layer up my mascaras so when I applied this and got the results I wanted instantly I was pretty impressed. Selfie Lash comes with a rubber wand applicator, with lot’s of tiny bristles. You get just enough product on the wand and there is no need to wipe off any excess before application, simply apply and watch the magic happen.

The consistency is great, not too wet, thick or thin. It really grabs onto the lashes and creates a great amount of volume and separation with ease. I really love the packaging also, in fact the packaging for the whole collection is just gorgeous. It has a really premium feel about it.

Have you tried the Selfie Story collection yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have, and if not what you’re most excited about.

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